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How can I get myself converted to SC/ST/OBC?

This is exactly what you get if you aren’t SC/ST/OBC…Would like to request our HRD Minister just one thing – If you are introducing so many policies & quotas in favor of SC/ST/OBCs, then why not introduce one more policy viz., how to get converted to SC/ST/OBC??? Atleast we will not get a treatment like as shown above & at the same time it will become far easier to get admitted to the top professional institutes of the country.

Yesterday watched the treatment given by Delhi cops to one of the most respectable & educated clan of the country i.e., Medicos & was shocked to observe that they were handled in such an inhumane way – dragging, teargas, water cannons, misbehavior with girl students!!! This is what you get in a DEMOCRATIC country like India (BY the people, OF the people & FOR the people) if at all you would raise your voice against any unjustified & irrational policies issues by the Govt.

The reservation/quotas have now been increased to 49.5% from 22.5%. The reason being manifold but the most important cited is the upliftment of these classes. Was 22.5% reservation less enough for uplifting these classes??? What about the quality of students coming out of such colleges? The students who generally get admitted through reserved quotas in premier institutes find it very difficult to pass the internal exams or courses because of their weak educational foundation. Resultantly either they pass such exams with lots of difficulty or leave the courses mid-way. Now imagine 50% of the seats going to such students, that means 50% compromise on the quality of students. This will not only spoil the image of such premier institutions rather we will lose some real talented professionals also. Because of lack of suitable opportunities & seats in India, the real deserving meritorious students will migrate to those foreign countries where they will find future doors opened for them.

I also wonder, how come no other netas are finding these policies to be absurd!!! Do all of them really want the upliftment of such classes or are they insecured of losing the SC/ST/OBC votes during the elections? On one hand we claim to be a developing and forward looking country whereas on the other hand we are encouraging this caste based discrimination!!! This country hasn’t got any caste disparity, rather it is suffering from economic disparity. Gone are the days when SC/ST/OBC were the poor community. I have met so many people who belong to such community but are having a far better financial status than us.

My dear Minister Sa’ab, if you really want some reforms then do something for the ones who really need it ie., poor students. Instead of compromising on merits by introducing such caste based quotas in professional colleges, it will be better if you can provide some financial aid policies to real meritorious students who find it difficult to fund their own studies at some premier institutes. Instead of reserving the seats for them at premier professional colleges or jobs, it will be better if you can take care of their primary & secondary education so that they can have a strong foundation & can get into such professional colleges on the basis of their own merits & not on the basis of your reservations/ quotas!!!

Piece Of Cake

Just finished off the delicious, tasty & yummy “Piece Of Cake” & mmmm….I am still relishing its taste. It was simply great, so delicious & so funny. FUNNY??? Yes, funny. Arey I am not speaking of any cake from some famous bakery shop rather I am speaking of the“Piece of Cake” baked by Swati Kaushal. It was such a fun read & kudos to Swati Kaushal for coming out with such a relatable & captivating story.

Piece of Cake is about a 29 year old girl Minal Sharma who has got loads of attitude with a hyperactive conscience. Its about a girl who is struggling hard to survive & succeed in the tough corporate world without losing her ethics & morale. The best part is that the character Minal is not someone who is really idealistic, i.e., neither an extraordinary combination of beauty & brains type, nor resembling to any of those present generation very beautiful mangal-sutra, sindoor & gold clad Bollywood/ TV female protagonists who are an idealistic bahu, patni, ma, tyag ki devi & what not at their home and at the same time running a successful business empire or having a great corporate career. Minal Sharma has been given a very realistic image, a simple girl with average looks who has to struggle hard to fight against pompous people like Rana Bhatia (opposition character in the book) in her organization & at the same time facing the nuances of matrimonial candidates selected by her mother & juggling hard to find a suitable match for herself.

The style of writing is really humorous with all those satires & funny dialogues by Minal. Having worked on a similar portfolio, I found the story to be too interesting & so relevant. I was so engrossed in that book that I almost jumped out of my seat while reading the chapter where Minal realizes that her ads have been leaked, as if it has happened with me!!! Good lord, what a misfortune. But hats off to the determination & spirit of Minal that she took on everything & finally managed to prove herself right.

Swati Kaushal herself being a management graduate from IIM & with her work experience in similar field has managed to give a very pragmatic picture to the corporate world. I think it’s a MUST READ for all brand/product managers as it will give them a very true insight to a real marketing career & I am sure they will enjoy every bit of it.

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