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Movie Marketing : Promotion “By Chance”

As I always say movie marketers are getting innovative day by day in India. Now here are some interesting marketing initiatives which have created quite some buzz esp. in Mumbai for the movie “Luck By Chance”. The production house has directly handled the marketing campaign of this movie and they have launched online as well as offline properties to create an overall impact. Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...

Marammat mukaddar ki kar de maula!

26! Yes 26! This is the count of how many times I have listened to this song since morning today and that too in continuation, i.e., no other songs in between :D. No, this does not mean I was having an off [oh how I wish :-( ] or I didn’t have any work today. Yes, but this definitely means that I didn’t have much meetings or presentations today and most of the time I actually spent on my desk. For a change it was really good to have a day like this and after a long time I did have the luxury to plug in my music player in my ears today. Wow I enjoyed listening to this song again & again. I am referring to the song “maula mere maula” from Delhi 6! I think it’s simply outstanding and brilliant! Not only the music but even lyrics is sooo good. One of the lines of this song reads something like:

“Daraare daraare hain maathe pe maula,
Marammat mukaddar ki kar de o maula”

Isn’t it a lovely line and can I say relatable too :-)? In one word if I have to say, I will say this song is ADDICTIVE. After quite some time I have got this crazy for any song, few months back I was having these symptoms for “Baawra Man” from hazaaro kwahishen aisi. In fact yesterday while driving to office, the only song which played in our car was maula mere maula, and I played it for so many times that finally N had asked me, “can we please change the track now”? I also like “Masakkali, Matakkali" a lot but as of now its “Maula” song which is on my head. A.R. Rahman as usual has done a magical work & he creates his magic yet again with this movie! And the singers Kailash Kher, Javed Ali (Maula song) & Mohit Chauhan (Masakkali song) have definitely sung these songs brilliantly. Now I’m waiting for this movie to release, till then it will be “Maula mere maula” & “Masakkali, Matakkali” in my car as well ipod continuously :-)

Stampede of price driven promotions

I get to cross this mall daily on my way back home and its one of the most popular malls of Bangalore. Always damn crowded and is having all popular brands which you can think of. It used to have those occasional promotions during Diwali, Christmas or End of season sale. But now instead of those occasional sale offers, the mall has sort of become “discounted product” mall only. Just think of last 3 months – November they were having “festival special”, December they were having “Christmas / New Year Special” and now in Jan, 1st it was “26th Jan” special which got extended to “end of season sale” on 27th Jan’09. Wow every day there is a sale and most of these are not “upto 50% off”, rather “FLAT 50% or 40% off”. Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...

IPL is back with yet another marketing gimmick

Last year we did see the birth and rise of one of the greatest marketing phenomenon in sports marketing in India, yes of course I am referring to IPL’2008. More than cricket, it was this whole business and marketing angle to it which made it so popular. Cricket combined with entertainment and that too Bollywood, what more do you need to create pull in Indian market? After all cricket and Bollywood are like two religions in India. Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...

Chandni Chowk to China: Don’t watch even if it comes for FREE!

Unfortunately got to watch Chandni Chowk to China yesterday, oh yes some of my friends had warned me against it but as I said “UNFORTUNATELY” ended up watching this movie and I don’t have words to express my reactions towards this movie. No, I won’t write any review of this movie, as I don’t think there is anything to write about this movie at all.

Rather I would simply tell you 5 reasons as to why NOT to watch this movie even if someone is offering you a free ticket:
  1. It’s one of the most moronic movies I would have ever seen in my life.
  2. Even if you have slightest positive feeling for Deepika Padukone and her acting skills, you should not watch this movie as suddenly you will find yourself hating her. You keep on wondering, “why on earth did she decide to work in this movie”?
  3. Dialogues of the movie have to be definitely awarded as one the worst dialogues ever written. I’m wondering what could have been the quantum of pegs which the dialogue writer would have taken before writing the dialogues of CC2C? 15 or 17 or more???
  4. After seeing Mithun Chakravarty’s kicks on Akshay and its after-effects, you will lose your all knowledge and belief on Newton’s gravitational laws and other such theories which you would have acquired by working hard in your childhood days. Trust me even Rajnikanth’s stunts look more believable as compared to the ones shown in this movie!
  5. Story is not story at all, rather it looks like a spoof of all masala movies of yesteryears – twins getting separated in childhood, heroine looking for her lost twin, godfather of the hero killed publicly in the mid of a village by goondas and people standing mum, heroine trying to take revenge of her father’s death, hero building body and learning action stunts to fight with bad men and hero-heroine singing songs by flying in air, no not in a plane but in an umbrella! Yes song placements were horrible; it can easily become case study for aspiring film makers to learn “where NOT to place songs in a film”

Need I say anything more? I think you would have got my TRUE feeling about this movie by now. These are my personal views and you are free to differ from mine but personally speaking I will NOT recommend this movie to anyone at all.

Other Details of the movie:

  • Duration of the movie: Close to 3 hours
  • Best to watch it with: Someone with whom you want to take some revenge, get him a ticket and make sure he can't come out in between :-)
  • Cast: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Ranvir Shorey, Mithun Chakravarty
  • Director: Nikhil Advani
  • My Rating: - (minus) 5 / 5 (Hopelessly Pathetic)

Screw it, Let’s do it!

Last year one resolution which I tried to fulfill to a large extent was getting back to my reading habit again. Once a voracious reader, my reading habit has almost gone to nil since the day I started working. With other priorities and absolute paucity of time, I hardly managed to read much book in last 3-4 years. So, in 2008 one of my resolutions was to get back to reading books. I knew I couldn’t get back to my old count of reading which was almost a book every week, so I thought of setting a reasonable target of 1 book every month :-). Well, I didn’t accomplish it fully but still I’m happy as I managed to read 10 books – 7 fiction & 3 business in 2008 as against only 2 books in 2007 :-(. And the good thing was whatever I read turned out to be good or you can say that I only went for popular and positive review books. I just thought to share my views on some of those books and recommend it to my blog readers as these are really good reads as per me.

One of the books which I read last year and really liked was “Screw it, Let’s do it” by Sir Richard Branson. Though I am not much of a motivational or gyaan book loving person but still I liked it. In fact I liked it a lot! It’s a quick read, engaging from start to end and very-very positive. It stirs your mind & leaves a very different kind of impact on you. You just keep on thinking, “oh all this happened to Richard Branson before he became Sir Branson??? Though I was very much aware of the story of his life but still reading it again in this book was a very nice experience. I got so impressed with this book that I gifted it to two of my close friends who are into entrepreneurial ventures. I think this book is a must for all those who are working in some start-ups, or are entrepreneurs or are planning to start something on their own. And yeah number of pages are quite less, so you can finish it off quickly. I have already rated this book 5/5 on many book sites :-)

Myspace’s new marketing / engagement strategy: Black Curtain

Now this is one such marketing cum engagement initiative which I’m sure can’t be missed. Myspace has launched this initiative known as “Black Curtain India” where its Indian users get to watch new releases for free and that too before the public release of the film! Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...

Thanks Nautankey!

Got this from Nautankey almost three weeks back but since I was travelling that time, hence did not get the chance to put it up here and then got tied up in work rut. Decided to put it now as today seems to be a horrible day for me, so thought an award even if its a virtual one may cheer up my day :-).

Nautankey – thanks, thanks & more thanks for giving this to me…such sweet stuffs really bring a smile on my face and it keeps me motivated to somehow find time to do more and more blogging despite my horribly packed work schedule these days.

Now the rules:

  • Display the Award in your page - done with a big smile :-)
  • Award them to your favorite commentators
  • Ask them to forward it to their favorite commentators
  • And don't forget to link their page to their names

Now I need to give it to my favorite commentators… Waise toh I love all my commentators who take time to visit my blog and express their thought on my posts (big THANKS to all of you :-)) but this award I would like to give it to all my old blogger friends who started comment on my blog loooong back on my O3 blog, who always commented with a genuine heart and intention of encouargement & healthy interaction on my blog. Initially when I started writing in 2003, I never expected comments and interaction from so many people but there are these people who were always there to read my posts and whose comments really encouraged me to write more and more and before I could have realized they made blogging an addiction for me instead of just another hobby :-)
So, here goes my list:

  • My first few names is a list of those people who are not bloggers but still do take time to always read my posts and give their critical inputs (mostly negatives :-( but those negatives always help me to improve further :-)). I am not mentioning their names as they don’t have any blog to be linked to, but I’m sure they know who am I referring to :-)
  • Tanvi: My childhood and best friend. Though she is not a regular blogger but she is the most regular reader and commentator of my blog since my 1st post which is as old as 2003.
  • Meher: She is one of the most regular and sweetest commentator from my O3 days and yeah she is always there to read my blogs and comment on it :D. I wanted to link her O3 blog but she does not use it anymore hence linking it to blogspot one.
  • Savy: For all her intellectual inputs and thoughts expressed on my blog and yeah she was one of the initial few who always used to tell me to write more and more.
  • Niceguy251: For all his sweet interactions on my blog.

Clap, clap clap for all of you and cheers to all my the readers of my blog :D !

Movie Marketing: Chandni Chowk to China

Co-branded ad of Thumbs Up to promote the film Chandni Chowk to China has been doing rounds on television for weeks but now they have also introduced co-branded pet bottle of Thumbs Up to create more buzz about this movie. This bottle has added to the visibility of the movie through extensive retail presence. Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...

Twitter launches “suggested users”

Today morning when I logged into my twitter account, I found this new tab “suggested users” in find people section. It has to be a development between yesterday to today as it was not there two days back when I had clicked “find people”. But what is interesting is that there was no formal announcement or whatsoever on twitter main page about it, quite a silent launch of a new feature from twitter! Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...

How come holidays end so soon?

Am back, was off on a family vacation to Varanasi, Lucknow & Delhi for eight days. Oh was it really for 8 days??? If yes, how come it ended so soon :-( ? Perhaps I was so busy enjoying it that never realized when time slipped away. It was fun to be away from work with minimal access to laptop and phones all these days and to add to that deadly cold weather of north! I can say literally that it was really a "chilled out" vacation :-). After all these years in Mumbai and Bangalore, facing winters of Delhi and Varanasi with 3 - 4 degree temperature was some experience I must say. Both me and N are from that part of the country itself but still…I think Bangalore weather really spoils you to adjust anywhere else. We both got down with cough and cold but despite ill health and in that chilling weather also one thing which we really enjoyed throughout our trip was food – from Jalebis and Lassi of Varanasi to Kababs and Panipuris of Lucknow to Samosas and Chats of Delhi, Yummm! This was totally a foodie vacation, both of us before leaving were having these great plans of enjoying street side food and kababs of Lucknow and for once we stuck to our plan LOL! Now it’s a different thing that after coming back, I have hidden my weighing scale below the bed, I really don’t have the courage to face the scale now :D
Overall it was a very good trip and I have lot more to share about my trip which I will do in my subsequent posts. As of now, it’s time to get back to work. Monday after 8 days of leave is really terrible, isn’t it? It’s 8:10 pm already and still no hope of leaving for home anytime soon…Had a long day at work which I guess is going to continue to be a long night too :-(

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