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Kiran Bedi seeks VRS!!!

Just now a colleague shared with me this news & oh I read it also, how sad this news is… very few people are there in our system whom most of us really admire for their gallant & honest work which they have done in their tenure for our country & Kiran Bedi was definitely one of those whom I think most of the Indians really admire as idol. Well, sad it is but looks like India’s first woman IPS officer who has always been known for her deeds & ingenious acts has also finally succumbed to the dirty politics game. I remember as a kid how I used to admire Ms. Bedi & how mesmerized I used to be when she used to speak on DD news. What an aura & what an exemplary personality she was!

She has surely denied the reasons like Dadwal becoming commissioner instead of her or Govt not fulfilling its promise of giving her due position rather she has quoted strong academic & social interests as the guiding factor for her decision. She has stated that she would like to work outside the system & fulfill her dreams.

Well, whatever be the reasons I think she has taken a very right decision. Despite the weird comments by some media guys & few people that she is throwing womanish tantrums to show her dissatisfaction for not being made Delhi Commissioner, I personally feel that such laudable personality surely doesn’t deserve to be in Indian Govt. System. It’s an irreparable loss for Indian Govt to lose somebody of her caliber & as far as her future, dreams & responsibilities towards society are concerned I am sure she will do even more wonders if she works outside the system without any insane rules & regulations imposed on her & will definitely keep on contributing more & more to the society the way she has done in past. I have always saluted this lady & will keep on doing this forever. Good move Ms. Bedi & as always kudos to you!

OSO or Sawariya

Last weekend went to watch Sawariya in a nearby multiplex & after all the promos were over suddenly we saw OSO was being played on the screen. Oh lo confused & bemused we were wondering if we have taken a wrong ticket or we have come to the wrong screen…I was getting upset as I had come with a mindset to watch OSO but then hubby told, “chal OSO dekh lete hain yaar, anyways we had to watch this movie also na”… hmm he was right, I was anyways planning to watch the movie the same weekend. Well, after initial few minutes I got engrossed in the movie completely & overall I would say that I enjoyed the movie. The next day when we got ticket was a weekday but still we decided to watch Sawariya as for next few days I was going to have a very hectic travel schedule & I was very much keen on watching Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie as soon as possible (Rather I should say I was very eager & curious for Sawariya as against OSO). I had heard from everybody that Sawariya is a very bad movie but nothing of that sort deterred me from my decision to watch Sawariya as I used to think how can something made by Bhansali “very bad”? Maybe the movie is very intense & different and hence not meant for general public.

But oh how wrong I was in my hypothesis that Bhansali & very bad can’t co-exist!!! The movie was not only bad rather a huge disappointment for many of us. Initially when I saw the huge sets & unrealistic backdrop etc of the movie then I thought maybe this is something of different era & hence the whole background like this… but forget about era even the story was absolutely rubbish… suddenly this & suddenly that, after every wink of your eyes there was a song. Songs were so lovely but absolutely no co-relation with the sequence rather most of the songs were totally out of place. The two much awaited star kids were good, infact as per me Sonam was good but I found Ranbir to be over acting at many places. Rani’s role was a total waste of talent of somebody like Rani & for Salman there was nothing to act as such. It was totally confusing as to how he suddenly appeared then disappeared & then again appeared at the end. The streets, those bridges, that small boat & that whole blue blue appearance of the movie was soooooo dull, very unlike of Bhansali. Infact with no story, no theme, no co-relations, it was totally unbearable after a point & with all blue color themes to me it looked like a BLUE after BLACK from Bhansali.

On the contrary as against my expectation, I enjoyed OSO a lot. Whatever I had heard of & seen the promos I had thought that OSO will be one ghista pita, Bollywood masala kind of movie & reincarnation and all will be so weird to watch in this era but oh I was totally wrong. Not only did I enjoy the movie with that stereo type story rather I was totally impressed with Farah to present such a typical story in such an interesting packaging. The movie was full of sweet surprises & at the end almost everybody in the theater left the place with a smile on their faces. Shahrukh was great & Deepika was just so cool. Being her first film I should say she has lived the role of 70s girl in just a superb way. And that title song was also very peppy. So, overall it was a good enjoyable movie and even a person like me who generally doesn’t like to watch typical masala movie enjoyed it completely.

Well, both these movies were over hyped & were two most talked about movies in the recent times & many people like me had expected Bhansali’s Sawariya to be anytime better than Farah’s OSO but I guess after watching both I will give anytime more stars & points to OSO as compared to Sawariya.And ya never ever do the mistake which we did of watching Saawaria on a weekday, as it’s too heavy a dose for a weekday & if by mistake you also get to see OSO instead of Saawariya like us, then just thank your stars and watch the movie happliy :-)

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