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Santa did actually come to our home this year :)

Santa arrived with quite a clatter
we had to wake to see what was the matter
What a precious gift he left this year
a bundle of joy we love so dear!
Happy to introduce my li'll bundle of joy to all my readers, I've been blessed with a baby boy this year. On this last day of 2011, I'm actually an 11 day old mommy now :), still can't believe it but yes I'm :). 2011 has indeed been the most special year for me & my family, hope 2012 will be as blissful and joyous like last year.
While the li'll one is keeping me on my toes, I just managed to sneak in five minutes to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year. Have a great & wonderful year ahead!

Phew, this is all I can manage to post while the new daddy is playing with the baby. Time to get back to my new life now :). Will be back with my new set of experiences as and when I can manage time.

P.S: These are the first pair of shoes of the li'll one gifted by his nani. Gawd, I think I have never been as obsessed with any of my shoes, as much I've been with this li'll pair :). Have kept it on my bedside table like a piece of decoration :P

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