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Wordless Wednesday: Baking for the little one

Fresh out of my oven - baking for the little one :-)

Movies that cheer you up anytime :-)

Today I tweeted something about movies in the morning and it instantly reminded me the number of movies I got to watch in 2012 in theater. Guess how many? Well just TWO! Now who know me, know very well my movie stats till 2011 but then things change and have changed a lot since the little one has arrived. Though the good part is that we have started to spend more and more time at home these days playing and having fun with our little one. We both always loved watching good movies at home but these days our DVD viewing has gone up considerably. Where else will you get the comfort and convenience of watching movies with multiple breaks for diaper change, milk refill, play time etc. Yes, a two and hour movie is watched somewhere between 4 hours to 4 days depending upon what mood our little boss is into .

And at the end of hectic days coupled with all these breaks in between, all you wanna watch are movies that can cheer you up. You know those comedies that make you really laugh, rom-coms that bring a smile on your face and those girly-girly movies that you can never get bored of! Yeah those and my movie quotas generally consist of such movies these days, movies that just add some light and fun moments in my life. All my old preferences for world cinema and serious movies have been saved and well preserved for later stage in life. As of now, only movies that can cheer me up !

Here’s a list of five girly (caution: I repeat these are truly girly :P) that I watched in last few weeks and despite the fact that all these were re-watch for me, I still didn’t get bored of any .
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic: Hee hee, whatay delight! Well as per what people say about me, I’m not a shopaholic I think but then Beccy does bring a smile on my face. You don’t need to be a shopping addict to relate to her, some part of her is definitely real, after all which girl does not like new stuffs ? And to add to that Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandson is absolutely droolworthy!
  • Sleepless in Seattle: It must be my nth watch and I was still not bored of it! I’m sure anybody who likes to watch mush must have watched it. In case you haven’t, please stop reading this post and go watch it now!
  • A Walk to Remember: When I had first watched it, I was totally surprised. I had expected it to be just another rom-flick but it was much more than that. I watched it again few days back and didn’t use the forward button at all.
  • Julie & Julia: I just spotted a copy of this movie and for my love for cooking & baking and the fact that I am in kitchen more these days for the junior dude made me watch it again. Watch it for the love of food and the passionate chef inside you; you won’t be disappointed for sure.
  • Music & Lyrics: Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore… do you need any more reason to watch a rom-com than these two? 
I’m a huge fan of Hindi cinema too but I wonder why don’t they make good light movies that one can think of re-watching again. The last hindi movie that I willingly watched second time was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and after that none! There are many from other genres in Bollywood that I can watch again but comedy? Well, I think none! Not at least any recent one.

So, which are your cheer-up movies that can lighten your mood anytime you watch them? Share it here and in case I have not watched it, I would love to whenever I get time next. 

Haylos :-)

Wish you all a very Happy Makarsankranti, Pongal, Lohri & Bihu. One day, so many celebrations! But then that's the beauty of rich cultural diversity like ours. So, how's the new year treating you? Like every year, this year I couldn't wish you on time. But then as they say wishes are never late... so, wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR too!

You know I miss this space a lot, I really do! There's so much that I want to share, so much that I want to discuss and so much that I want  to express but... sigh life seems to be running by these days or shall I say flying by and that too on a jet plane! I read, heard & knew that life will change after entering mommyhood but would it change so much? Well, I had no idea! While I try to cope up with one thing, the second springs up within a blink! But I do wanna write on this space more regularly now, as for a person like me writing is the only medium that always helps me express my thoughts more clearly. Have been writing a diary ever since I learnt writing I think and have been blogging for more than a decade now. I so hope and wish that my this passion does not die like many others in the rut of life :-(. So, hoping to get back with my next post soon!

Bbye for now, will be visiting my favorite blogs to read updates from your life there. 

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