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My Prejudiced Remembrance…..Why I don’t remember very clearly the days when I had sweets in my meal but I remember very clearly the days when I hadn’t got any meal because of our impecunious state? I don’t have count of my few peaceful nights but why have I got a clear remembrance of my sleepless nights? When I see a sweet dream, its easier to forget but why can’t I forget the bad dreams which I had seen in my past? I think not to dwell over past & enjoy the present…but why do I remember so vividly those shriek & screech from past? I moved ahead in my life & accomplished my goals. But why do I still get tears in my eyes by remembering the struggle to achieve all these things? Why don’t the insecurities from my mind go away? Physical scars faded slowly but why are those mental scars so difficult to earse?
Well, there as so many such WHYs which come to my mind. I always wonder as to why my remembrance is so biased, why is it so inclined towards the negative ones? Why is it so difficult to forget the tormenting memoirs? But I think there is a reason for the same…..Maybe its important to remember the struggle & tears, then only you can understand the importance of success & happiness. Sometimes its good to experience the hunger, then only you can understand the importance of food. Sometimes its necessary to have tears in your eyes, then you can understand the importance of smile. Sometimes its important to remember the agonized past, then you can understand the importance of present………..

Name Game

How Important is a Brand Name?
As usual, had a heated discussion with boss & had a tough time convincing him about the same old “Brand Name” isssue.Nothing new, some new products to be launched, so he asked me to think of names for the same.I suggested names & he is again furious that names suggested by me aren't connoting the category.According to him, the brand should immediately cue the category like Airtel.Well, he is somewhat right but I think its a debatable issue.If meaning of names were that important then why did brands like IKEA, NOKIA, APPLE became world famous and are having the highest recall value.There are hundreds of articles by famous people available which support this fact but my boss says that these are all foreign brands & foreign consumers can accept anything but not Indians...O.K., then Why ORANGE is highly acceptable by Indian consumer for a telecom service provider???There are hundreds of such examples where brands aren't having any specific meaning but are still accepted & liked by the Indian consumer too.I mean this is the discusion point bewteen me & my boss every time a new product gets launched and everytime he goes ahead with a name that cues the category......Well I agree that name should be easy to pronounce & have some positive meaning/impact....but why cue the category???He thinks that I am new in my career, so I throw all these new & bookish ideas which is not very suitable to Indian consumer market....So, thought of putting my viewpoints here.Does a brand necessarily cue the category?I feel no.........


Is Optimism Difficult?
“Every cloud has a silver lining”, “Make a game of finding something positive in every situation” & “In the middle of every difficulty lies some opportunity”……………these are some of the quotes with which we all have grown up since our childhood. We all know that we should be optimistic & we should never lose hope. But has anyone considered the extent of audacity one requires for being optimistic in some really hopeless situation!!! How can one be optimistic when one knows that things aren’t going to improve? How can one have the sanguinity to find some opportunity in the middle of some difficulty when one is aware of the negative aftermath of the situation? What about those, who have always been optimistic but haven’t seen the end to their darkness? What about those, who try to be optimistic but the austere reality of the situation pull them down?
Does everything happen for good? Can one be always OPTIMISTIC? Does OPTIMISM really yield positive outcome? Does OPTIMISM really lead to happiness & success? Is being OPTIMISTIC difficult?

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