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Enough of friends, movies and its turn for ghosts!

I still can’t believe this :-), quite interesting I must say. Initially when I had read this news in March, I just couldn’t believe that someone was actually thinking on this line and I was almost sure that it would be some sort of media rumor, but no I was wrong. It actually is true that now there will be a social networking site for ghosts and aliens! Oh yes, Steven Spielberg is actually launching a ghost / UFO centric social networking website which will be for people who would like to share and discuss paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences.

Speculations are still on about the name of the portal. Some say it will be called “Ghosts”, some call it as “Ghost Town”, latest update being that the site is perhaps going to be called “The Rising” or “Rising”. Apart from networking angle, the site will also have original video content focusing on alleged ghost and UFO stories. Now we all know the connection between Steven Spielberg and paranormal experiences. Who can forget movies like E.T The Extra Terrestrial, Close Encounter of the third world, Jurrasic Park etc which are one of the highest grosser of all times at box office! Steven at many occasions has also narrated some real life chilling experiences about his encounter with ghosts and supernatural forces. Well, don’t know to what extent his experiences are real but he definitely claims that ghosts and aliens do exist and because of some real life experiences, he got inspired to make movies on this subject.

After general networking, vertical specific networking was definitely slated to be the next big trend in community industry but being niche to this level following a specific vertical is definitely some disruption I must say. And though I don’t believe in such phenomenon (rather I don’t want to believe I guess :-)) but still there is a large chunk of people who believe in such clairvoyant experiences. And for such TG this kind of open forum will be definitely great wherein they can discuss and share their views with like minded people and know more about it. Hmmm, so looks like enough of networking sites for friends, dating, movies, music, college reunion etc etc, well now it’s the turn of ghosts and bhoooot!

Heights of Craziness

I have watched four-five movies in past two months in theater as well as on DVD but didn’t feel this strong urge to express my views for any movie as much as I felt for this movie…I guess this is one of the worst movies I would have ever watched, completely baseless and crazy…yeah I am speaking of Krazzy4. The only right thing about this movie I guess is its name “Krazzy 4”, yes, it’s capable of making you crazy with all its 4 elements – story, acting, direction and dialogues! How can Rakesh Roshan go sooo wrong in this film?

The film is all about 4 mental patients Raja (Arshad Warsi), Mukherjee (Irfan Khan), Gangadhar (Rajpal Yadav), Dabboo (Suresh Menon) and their doctor Suman (Juhi Chawla). The so called story tries to show the emotional sensitiveness of these patients towards their doctor and respective relationships with their partners. I’m just wondering is it worth to go ahead describing the plot of this movie…well honestly speaking there is no plot at all. The story starts with something, then suddenly Juhi Chawla gets kidnapped, then suddenly you see Rakhi Sawant grooving in her typical style on “dekhta hai kya” number…oh the song ends and after few movements here and there on the screen you suddenly see SRK shaking his legs unnecessarily on the much hyped song “krazzy 4”. By the time one keeps on wondering as to why SRK has danced in THIS film, you see these 4 mental patients saving their doctor by god knows what kind of acts! And lo the film comes to an end with the most pathetic speeches by the patients as well as the doctor to the media. Trust me the last dialogues are the worst dialogues ever written in the hindi film industry! And of course the last scene of scrolling star cast is having the tragic misfit of Jr. Roshan wasting his dance talent just like that. It clearly looks like Papa Roshan’s strategy of capitalizing on the best dance talent of the industry.

On a scale of 5, I would love to give this film a rating of -5 but for Rajpal Yadav’s acting sake I can still reconsider my thoughts and I guess I will give it a 0.5 rating on 5. Very poor plot, hopelessly bad dialogues, even very good acting talents like Juhi, Irfan, Arshad and Rajpal Yadav have been completely wasted and the songs are…I guess I’m running short of critical adjectives. The much hyped item numbers are the best examples of oddity! I will not recommend this movie to anybody at all for watching, oh yeah but if you want to take revenge with someone, just buy a ticket of this movie and lock the person to watch this movie in a room J, make sure the person doesn’t come out without watching this movie completely, LOL!

BTW of all the movies which I watched in last two months, I liked Jodha Akbar and U, Me aur Hum a lot…lovely movies with beautiful direction. I missed out on writing reviews for these movies because of paucity of time but do watch both these movies. Hrithik is outstanding as Akbar and Ajay Devgan is simply superb considering that U, Me aur Hum is his first directorial debut. Hey I also watched When Harry met Sally (oh yeah I watched it after sooo many years) on DVD, a very sweet movie with a cute love story. Must watch for those who like to watch light romantic flicks.

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