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If it has to be a morning in B’lore, it has to be @ Nandi Hills!

Yup, I strongly feel so esp. after my recent visit to Nandi Hills. This was not my first visit to this absolutely serene place which is just 60 kms from Bangalore but the difference this time was that I had an overnight stay at the hills there. Thanks to our friends who insisted to stay there at night & then enjoy the quietude of that place. I must say that the difference in experience was startling.

My in-laws side of family is here right now & we wanted to take them to some silent & calm place. Now what better place than Nandi Hills which is so close to Bangalore & yet seems to be so far from the regular hustle-bustle of the city. I’m sure anybody who has lived in Bangalore for even few months would have definitely gone to this place at least once. But I’m not sure how many of them would have done the mistake of doing a day trip like us? Trust me, if you really want to enjoy this place you need to experience the morning of Nandi Hills. I don’t remember when was the last time when I had breathed such fresh air, felt such lovely breeze, seen such picturesque sunrise & played amongst such vivid clouds. The descent of cloud outside our rooms or on the plateau was such that the literal phrase “playing with clouds” seemed to be absolutely real at that moment. Have a look on the following pictures, & you’ll know why I say now – “If it has to be a morning in Bangalore, it has to be @ Nandi Hills”:

To add to this quaint experience, the weather that day was simply awesome. Heavy rains with that typical smell of wet soil all around! Ahhhh :-). If you wanna go for a short & economical break from Bangalore, then in this weather, Nandi Hills is surely one of the perfect options for you.

Other Details of the place:

  • About Nandi Hills: The Nandi Hills or the hills of the Nandi have been named after the bull of Lord Shiva. Also known as Nandidurga, it was the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan in old days.
  • Distance from Bangalore: 60 kms
  • Best mode to travel: By road, route is very simple & driving experience is great.
  • Route: Now with international airport at Devanhalli, one hardly needs to write directions for this place. It’s on the same route, after Devanhalli, you need to take a left (there is a sign board having a left arrow for Nandi Hills at that turn) and keep going straight.
  • Places to Stay: One of our friends had arranged our stay in “Nehru Nilaya”, a govt. guest of indian Horticulture Dept. and it was really-really good considering its price. Room ranges from Rs. 260 – Rs. 1000/- plus taxes, only catch is you can’t book these rooms on phone or online. You’ve to physically go to Lalbaug in Bangalore to get the rooms booked. Apart from these, there were lots of other good accommodation options too on Nandi Hills, both at the foot as well as on top of the hills.
  • Best time to visit: All year, though if you’re one of those who enjoy rain then May-July is the perfect time to go. It’s really scenic at this time.
  • Places to see there: The best thing which you can do at this place is relax in the mid of nature, it really refreshes you after a hectic week of work. But if you want to explore this place further, you can check out Yogi Nandishvara Temple, Suicide Point, remains of Tipu fort, Amrit Sarovar & Brahmashram. This ashram is a small cave with very cool temperature inside and is a good place to sit silently & have a tryst with your own self.


Tarun Goel said...

Thank God, you said "few months" because I was in Bangalore for a month but never heard about this place :(
May be the city kept me too busy, however I live almost in a very same place in Himachal, but obviously I wanted to be there when I was in Bagalore because may be this place would have changed my opinion about Bangalore [:D]
Next time it will be Nandi Hills :)

Screenage Scribbler said...

Hey Kanupriya, Tnx for the info lady ! It will surely help :)

Also,took the shelfari from your site, Tnx for that too !

And finally Tnx for visiting my blog :) Keep on...

Smita said...

The pictures are awesome!!!

Wish, can be there :)

The Survivor said...

I had heard about the place, nice pics.

Its been a long time since I last went on a trek on the mountains.

Kanupriya said...

@ Tarun: Ah Himachal is any day a better choice, lucky u who is always living amidst nature :)

@ Screenage: U changed ur display name or what? I thought u wrote with a name Nupur on my earlier post. And u r welcome for everything :)

@ Smita: Hmmmm, take a break around Mumbai, there r many awesome places around Mumbai too :)

@ The survivor: take a break & go on, nothing like spending some time like this.

Iya said...

i hear ya lady.. have done the night stay thing there so i know what u experienced!!

ani_aset said...

aah lovely snaps..i like such places, with fresh air, and that smell of earth soaked in rain :)

Abhishek said...

Ohh wow. I have been to Bangalore so many times but my lazy friends don't take me anywhere :(
So all we do is to play cricket, roam around Jaya Nagar, play cricket, goto some stupid mall (Forum),play cricket, sleep and play cricket!

But this time I will surely goto Nandi hills when I come to Bangalore.

Screenage Scribbler said...

Ya, just changed my name :) So its same me !

Jack said...


You have taken me back the memory lane. I was in Yelhanka way back in 1967 and we used to fly over or clsoe to Nandi Hills almost everyday. But could not visit due to hectic schedule.

Take care

Bedazzled said...

what a beautiful place !!heard a lot at it .. but never knew that it would be so cool ! i absolutely wanna visit it !!

Tarun Kohli said...

Hi....nice pics...n im sure nice place too..will definately explore next time i visit bangalore...i really miss taking a break ;)

and ya the pics reminded me of my trip to Munnar..another amazing place...Thanx for the info and refreshing my memories.

rahul s said...

Thanks ..I had never heard of such place .Now I would really love to have a trip to Nandi ,the very next time I go to Banglore.Lemme call my friends in
If you want to experience more such place...exotic,calm ,serene,greenish..,come to Kerala..Silent Valley,Nelliampathi,Thekkadi,Munnar etc etc...

Kanupriya said...

@ Iya: Oh yea, I know :)

@ ani: yup, even i go crazy by that smell

@ Abhishek: Oh, what is there in Forum & other such mall? Its same be it varanasi or in bangalore or in Mumbai. Next time u in blore try goin to some nearby place like Nandi hills or yellagiri

@ Screenage: so me guessed it right :)

Kanupriya said...

@ Jack: Oh u have lived in b'lore earlier? next time u here try goin to this place.

@ Bedazzled: plz do, its awesome!

@ Tarun: Ek break toh banta hai, le lo :). I've been to Munnar...its lovely!

@ Rahul: Oh yea, kerala is heaven. Have been to Munnar, Allepy was reaaaalllly good!

tellmeyourdreams said...

kanu the pics are really divine..nice to know u got this good and peaceful,stress free break :)

Anonymous said...

Thats one of my fav places in blore !! awesome everytime i go there :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks to your blog I plan to go to Nandi Hills ASAP.

Also, I've used info from this entry to update a 'Wikitravel' page on Nandi Hills. I hope it's ok. If not, please leave a reply and i'll remove it.

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