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Parenting 2.0: Nuggets from the little one

So, the little one has been gifted a talking parrot by his mama and new mami (oh yes, he has a mami now, more on that later :)) and he was totally in love with it. But as is the case with most of his toys, he got bored of it after few hours and then started throwing and hitting it with his bat. This is one habit that I have really not been able to control. He gets bored so easily with anything and he is just not the child who can play with toys. He needs more of outdoor engagements like basketball, cricket or anything else to do with balls. He is obsessed, like seriously obsessed with balls! 

So, this parrot stopped talking after being hit few times. And little one got restless, started shouting on the parrot as if that toy will get scared of his scolding and will start talking again. When the shouting didn’t work, he got sad and kept on showing the parrot to me with a “nai nai” and expecting me to tell the parrot to talk to him. I observed the toy and realized that the batteries came out when he threw it last and hence the parrot stopped functioning. The mommy in me tried to use it to my benefit. I took the parrot, showed it to him and told – “This parrot is angry with you, you hit him and hence he has stopped talking to you. He is sad that you threw him and is not going to talk to you again.” I repeated similar sentences with a sad face to create the impact and kept showing him the parrot and during one such act I showed him the back portion of the parrot where the battery section was open. Immediately his eyes lit up, he snatched the parrot from me, examined it carefully and then started looking around aggressively. After some running, bending and lying down, finally he could locate the batteries underneath sofa. Took all effort to finally grab those back and inserted them in that parrot. And lo the parrot started talking. With a winning smile he came to me, gave the parrot back to me and said – “le le”. Oh that look on his face as if saying – mumma you tried to fool me. And the mumma looked at him appalled with mouth wide open and completely shocked at the brain of this tiny little creature! 

Gawd that confident “le le” to me… all I could tell myself was welcome to parenting 2.0 or is it like 3.0? Ummmm maybe n.0! Whatever but you just can't fool the kids these days and he is just 17 months old as of now!

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