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I was talking to this colleague friend of mine who said "why am I so silent these days? Is it introspection or is it sadness?" And my answer was, “silent? Nahi toh”. He again asked, “you don’t seem to be in your lively mood for past few days and I simply shook my head, “pata nahi yaar.” He smiled and replied “if you are introspecting, it’s ok. Maybe another great idea is going to come out of your mind and if you’re sad then too it’s ok as one cannot be deeply responsive to the world without being saddened very often, so it’s good to be sad sometimes”. This quote from Erich Fromm was like a soother for me today.

Hmmm I think it’s one of those phases when nothing seems to be right in life, when optimism looks like a theoretical word, when your rational brain goes for a toss, when despite good things happening to you at work you don’t feel like working, when you find all this race of career, life and money worthless, when even small things upset you a lot, when despite your immense patience level you don’t feel like tolerating certain people and certain circumstances, when hope seems to be a far cry, when everything around you looks just so irritable, when even if you try you can’t find the reason of your sadness…ah my “when” list seems to be a never ending one, so better I should put a stop here. Well, I think it’s just another bad day when certain things have triggered me into my gloomy and contemplative mood and all I want to do is just be silent! Wondering if I’m tired or is it just my one of those cancerian mood swings? Whatever it is, I hope something good happens and this phase ends soon…


Nautankey said...

This happens too often nowadays to me.Have shifted job and still not got into the productive sitting idle,whiling away time in library,reading novels... Luckily blogging helps a lot to get over it.And its times like these which make me rent out Govinda,mike myer movies,all seasons of Mr.Bean.. wud probly put a list of insane things I am doing to get out of this depressing phase..Craziness does help out... Do give it a try :)

Deb said...

:-)M glad that u liked the quote and yea whatever it is, it shall pass soon...and we dont like u silent. U r better with your liveliness, hungamas, chirpiness n bright ideas come to u only when u r exuberant. Itna kaam mat karo.....Chill Maadi!!!

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@ Nautankey: Hmmm Craziness like???

@ Deb: Thanks again :D

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...
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•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

A Biiiiiiiig hug!!

And same pinch too :D

I had the same phase a couple of days back.. and a little of it even now..

but check this and also the post before this [Sigh]:

Nautankey said...

Craziness like watching those movies which in a normal sane mood I wont dare try...craziness like downlloading anu mallik music... like trying out a prabhu deva pelvic thrust....uff looks like my 'like' list is longer than ur when list

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@ Sindhu: Thanks dear :-). Yeah looks like this pahse is in the air...just read ur that post.

@ Nautankey: Anu Malik music and Prabhu Deva pelvic movements...God this is some craziness. Let me think of some crazy stuffs for myself.

tellmeyourdreams said...

thanks for gettin me acquainted to such a god quote..u know v well how i m n how all cancerians are! mood swings are a part of our lives and gloominess when sets in is further worsened if u expect someone to understand u n ask u "what is the matter" and when it never happens!

Iya said...

hey sweetheart..i know there are days and sometimes phases during which nothing seems all right... this too like everything shall pass....and knowing Nitin i am sure it will be sooner than later :)
ishmile phulease....

Arun said...

Heyyyy...U and in bad mood!!! Com'on. Ever Smiling Lady who is the inspiration for so many of us is feeling low, nope it just doesn't suit your personlity. Cheer up man. Go and watch a movie this weekend. How about Dostana? yeah I know its a gay one :P but still think wud be watchable. Me and wifey goin this weekend. Copyin here the lines of Shree Bachchan which you only had sent me long back, remember?
सूर्य ने हँसना भुलाया,
चंद्रमा ने मुस्कुराना,
और भूली यामिनी भी
तारिकाओं को जगाना,
एक झोंके ने बुझाया
हाथ का भी दीप लेकिन
मत बना इसको पथिक तू
बैठ जाने का बहाना
वह कठिन पथ और कब
उसकी मुसीबत भूलती है,
साँस उसकी याद करके
भी अभी तक फूलती है;
यह मनुज की वीरता है
या कि उसकी बेहयाई,
साथ ही आशा सुखों का
स्वप्न लेकर झूलती है
सत्य सुधियाँ, झूठ शायद
स्वप्न, पर चलना अगर है,
झूठ से सच को तुझे
छलना पड़ेगा ही, मुसाफिर;
साँस चलती है तुझे
चलना पड़ेगा ही मुसाफिर!

- बच्चन

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@ Tellmeyourdreams: You are welcome, BTW thanks not to me but to my colleague who said this to me :)

@ Iya: Thanks with a ishmile :D

@ Arun: Thanks man. Good ol'days :). Yea going for Dostana on Sunday.

Abhishek said...

I thought of telling you that this happens so often with me also and give some (free) advice too. But already so many friends/colleagues have done that so won't say anything :)
Now be chirpy again ok...bahut bhaav badha liya silent ho ke ;)

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@ Abhishek: Ha Ha Ha...

Ashish Sukhadeve said...

I think my life has been going like this from the past few days,one thing that acts as an elixir to such situation is to remember your dreams.Dont let the mile world arrest your free spirit........

Sneha Divakar said...

ah! just couldn't help admiring this post whole-heartedly. maybe because i feel the same thesedays, more often than not :(
lets say its a passing phase, and move on

dubbagol said...

Hi, Some days are just like that only. Your review of the movie Fashion was really honest. We could use an honest review of the movie Dostana. Why dont you chuck this mood and check out the movie and let us and our Dubbagolers know whether the movie is worth watching ? I believe tickets at Metro in Mumbai sold for Rs. 750 a ticket on saturday ! Is it really worth watching for that much money ?

Cheer up boss ! Times like this is what makes life the way it is.

Dubbagol Team

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@ Ashish: Hey thanks a lot! Thanks for dropping by :-)

@ Sneha: Hey Thanks! As I said depression and sadness is in the air. But the only way to get out of it is move on.

@ Dubbagol: Hey, wasn't knowing that you can use these reviews...ah that's a sweet surprise. Hmmm I was anyways planning to write one on Dostana and here I read your comment. Chk out my new post for Dostana. Thanks for dropping by.

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