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Marammat mukaddar ki kar de maula!

26! Yes 26! This is the count of how many times I have listened to this song since morning today and that too in continuation, i.e., no other songs in between :D. No, this does not mean I was having an off [oh how I wish :-( ] or I didn’t have any work today. Yes, but this definitely means that I didn’t have much meetings or presentations today and most of the time I actually spent on my desk. For a change it was really good to have a day like this and after a long time I did have the luxury to plug in my music player in my ears today. Wow I enjoyed listening to this song again & again. I am referring to the song “maula mere maula” from Delhi 6! I think it’s simply outstanding and brilliant! Not only the music but even lyrics is sooo good. One of the lines of this song reads something like:

“Daraare daraare hain maathe pe maula,
Marammat mukaddar ki kar de o maula”

Isn’t it a lovely line and can I say relatable too :-)? In one word if I have to say, I will say this song is ADDICTIVE. After quite some time I have got this crazy for any song, few months back I was having these symptoms for “Baawra Man” from hazaaro kwahishen aisi. In fact yesterday while driving to office, the only song which played in our car was maula mere maula, and I played it for so many times that finally N had asked me, “can we please change the track now”? I also like “Masakkali, Matakkali" a lot but as of now its “Maula” song which is on my head. A.R. Rahman as usual has done a magical work & he creates his magic yet again with this movie! And the singers Kailash Kher, Javed Ali (Maula song) & Mohit Chauhan (Masakkali song) have definitely sung these songs brilliantly. Now I’m waiting for this movie to release, till then it will be “Maula mere maula” & “Masakkali, Matakkali” in my car as well ipod continuously :-)


Shayari said...

He he.. the line's very apt for everyone around now ;)Eagerly waiting for the movie's release..

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