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Oh, how I wish!

Phew, life is running like crazy these days, seems to be always on some roller coaster or on curvy path with some huge ups & downs! And work life was never more hectic than this, I get home at all weird hours these days & the 1st thing which I do after reaching home is….well, with one hand I open that jar having potato wafers & with the next I open my freezer which is having 2 big tubs of honey nut crunch kept over there. Ummmm, actually it’s not 2 now, it’s reduced to 1.5 & it’s just 3 days that we had got those 2 big tubs. Yeah, that’s the speed of my consumption of ice-creams if it’s something as heavenly as honey nut crunch from Baskin Robbins :D :P :-). I decided to write a blog post today while enjoying my ice-cream but on second thought I think let me relish my ice-cream right now, I will pick up my laptop again once I am done with every drop of it in my bowl.

I’m back & hahhhh… all my work tiredness gone and the main topic of this blog post is also gone, right now I want to focus ONLY on ice-creams. Why? Because when ice-cream & that too honey nut crunch is in front of me, I can’t focus on anything else. Considering the perpetual right side inclination of the pointer on my weighing scale I know I should not eat this daily but isn’t it N’s fault that he got 2 tubs & kept in fridge when he knows that I simply can NOT resist this flavor of ice-cream? How am I supposed to not eat when this is just kept at arms away distance? Why on earth ice-creams only have all possible calories in it? Ah, life would have been so simpler if only:

  • Ice-creams were like those green veggies with negative calories in themselves. The more you eat, the more left that pointer on weighing scale would have moved. And the best diet chart prescribed by nutritionist to lose weight would have then consisted of 1 “death by chocolate” in morning, 1 “almond fudge” in lunch & 1 “honey nut crunch” at dinner, ummm the thought itself is sooo exciting & yummy!

Now, I am getting some serious thoughts on my ideal diet plan, how about:·

  • Having Maggie every day during lunch time along with “almond fudge”? Oh yes, I love Maggie too & I seriously think Maggie is one of the best gifts to mankind ever. If given a chance I would like to make it the staple food of the country.
  • To satisfy the evening hunger pang, the only thing on which I am allowed to snack on is potato wafers!
  • And in case because of all the dieting I feel weak or my blood sugar goes down, I am supposed to have one full big bar of fruit & nut chocolate!

Oh wowwww! Life would be so cool if ice-creams, Maggie, potato wafers & chocolates become the diet food for us. How I wish they either had only zero or rather negative calories in it and we could eat as much quantity of these as much we want. It would have been so much fun to go on a diet then & I would have been always willingly ready to eat “these” diet foods. Oh how I wish! OK, enough of wishful thinking now, time to get back to reality, while I was into my wishing mode, I think I have already had 2 bowls of it!!! Honey nut crunch is NOT with negative calories and this means some XXX amount of calories has gone inside me yet again. And then I wonder why I don’t lose weight :P!


Smita said...

Awwww!!! Amen to ur wishes!!!

I would Only love to modify the wish...

How if we can have a dummy made and whatever we eat the weight piles on to it :D

But seriously a sweet & lol post....a dream of every female ;)

Nautankey said... here i am rebounding from typhoid and living on a curd rice and idli diet and you write about such lip smacking,ogle worthy stuff :( ..shud have given a warning atleast.I waaaant maggi

tellmeyourdreams said...

now tht Ranchi too has a Baskins Robbins outlet let me also devour this flavour of urs and get back to u :))

Jack said...


LOL. Eat all you want to and then do some exercise too. Very simple ones. Do not use elevators but stairs only. Try to walk as much instead of using vehicle. Add little skipping rope and bend streches at home in the mornings. Enjoy life and be on toes too.

Take care

Kanupriya said...

@ Smita: LOL...wish!

@ Nautankey: U having typhoid??? Hope u fine now.

@ Tellmeyourdreams: U must & let me know how u liked it?

@ Jack: Thanx :-)

Renu said...

LOL:),This one wish is universal, even my children wish the same:)
My mantra is to live simply in the week and indulge myself completely in the weekend:)

Shayari said...

Hmmm this is one such far-flung dream...Sigh!

A fun post there:-)

Phoenixritu said...

Awww, this made me hungry, naah, it made me get greed pangs!

Kanupriya said...

@ Renu: Wish I could be so disciplined :-)

@ Shayari: Hey thanks :-)

@ Phoneixritu: Oh really, gun for a chocolate NOW!

WSW said...

I just had honey nut crunch this saturday and am in luuurvveee...

Food is my only true love, so obviously in my utopian (rather eatopian) world your diet would have been the right lifestyle choice!!!

Smita's idea aint bad either..lemme get my vooodoo doll...

Abhishek said...

Ahh why dint I come to your blog for so many days and that too when a post about food was kept waiting :)

I love food. I love eating. You know what I even invent dishes at times!

What a yummy post!

Kanupriya said...

@ WSW: Oh wow, wasn't it heavenly?

@ Abhishek: LOL, so u too a foodie? Good to know that,so what all inventions u have done?

Meera said...

Wow, I can really relate to this post and your wishes!

Your blog is really cool too (I just subscribed!)

Thanks for stopping by mine.


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