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Reality vs Real Competition

Scene 1: Judge: Beta, aap bade hoke kya banna chahte ho?
Li’ll gal replied cutely – "Item Girl"
Judges: Shabash beta, bahot achcha naache aap.
Background score on which the kid just finished dancing:
Ring Ring Ringa, Ring Ring Ringa, Ring Ring Ringa Ringa Ringa
Khatiye Pe Mein Padi Thi, Aur Gehri Neend Badi Thi
Aage Kya Main Kahu Sakhi Re...
Ek Khatmal Tha Sayana, Mujhpe Tha Uska Nishana
Chunrai Mein Gus Gaya Dheere Dheere, Oooooo Ohhh

Scene 2: A kid hardly of 6-7 years crying badly, when asked the reason he in all tears replied – "main apne mummy papa ka sapna pura nahi kar paya, main select nahi hua. Camera rolled on to the lady standing beside him and well mummy ji was in tears too!

Scene 3: Another young gal in red hot pants gyrating her hips in a way which can give even the sawants, chopras & seths run for their money! And no her expression on the song “zara zara kiss me kiss me, zara zara touch me touch me” was no where cute, least that it could be called would be "raunchy". When asked, who taught her these steps, the gal smilingly replied “mummy”.

These are some of the scenes from those numerous kids’ dance reality shows which were airing on almost all channels last Sunday. Not that I hated all of it, some of the performances were damn cute and some kids were extra ordinarily talented. Such amazing performances at such young age! I also appreciate the maturity of some of the judges who know how to deal with kids.

But then what makes me wonder is the content of these programs along with the presentation and personality of most of the kids. I mean do gals really aspire to be item gals in life now? In 30 minutes, I listened to more than 60 boys saying that they want to be choreographer in life, has choreography really become such a hot profession? And what’s with these mommies and daddies crying along with their kids when they are not shortlisted in just a dance reality show? How are they going to prepare their kids for larger level competitions and real life challenges in life? Haven’t parents become over ambitious and want their kids to achieve everything at that age only? At such tender age if kids feel pressurized by one goddamn dance competition and can’t accept their loss, I have no idea how are they going to deal with actual hundreds and thousands of tests in life ahead! Frankly speaking, an hour in front of the television viewing those programs was to a large extent upsetting!


I'm Nu said...

and what's with the parents making hue and cry when a judge rejects the kid..even in Indian Idol..fathers and mothers have been fighting,crying and arguing with judges to select their children...

I hope this doesn't start in the CAT exams et al !! or even job interviews :P

P.S.I liked Ananya from Mumbai in DID little masters..she did a great job at Bharatanattyam !

Renu said...

I also feel the same way..actually today parents as well as children want only money and for that they can do anything.....society is becoming so decadent.

Tarun Kohli said...

I at times do feel all this is scripted and the parents are damn good actors. For money they are ready to make their child dance on a item number. I was also watching it on Sunday and to my surprise one of the parent, who happened to be a teacher for more than a decade, made his daughter dance on a item number. I dont remember a teacher in my life who would allow me to do so. And being a parent he in fact argued with the judge for rejecting his daughter. Only God can bring in some sense to these reality shows and people participating to this extent in it.

Vibha said...

I think these days most of the channels show contestants and their parents fighting, crying or doing nuisance things just to be able to increase their TRP. Some times i feel as if they are told to make fuss about things so they can come in lime light.

However, there are definitely contestants who are truly deserving. And Ananya in DID was surely one of them, she is too cute and did fabulous dance...loved her performance.

Abhishek said...

Imagine mummy ji teaching her daughter those raunchy steps
"nahin beta thoda sexy face banao...look at how i am doing." ;)

Dil se said...

I haven't actually seen any of these shows but I have heard/read about them a lot !! In their race to make their kids "so-called-perfect", the parents tend to forget how it affects the kids and their thinking for the rest of their lives !!

Friends said...


Sorcerer said... said it right!
i really cant stand such shows.
and theres quiet lack of ideas for the television people for their shows!
its very evident

tellmeyourdreams said...

in one the shows i saw saroj khan taking class of the wud be item gals and their mommies.she just fired them on their outrageuous dances and the mommies were asked y they were promoting such vulgar expressions..maza aa gaya tha :)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

I cant agree less with you.
The parents should be responsible and stand up for their children. Besides I feel too early for the children to get the limelight so soon. They need tiem to experience, learn, explore and also to understand themselves

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