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Wordless Wednesday: A Walk in the Rain

A Walk in the Rain..

Thanks to a very old school friend for sending this back to me after so long...this is one of my initial pencil sketches which I had done one fine rainy day on school notebook while sitting in school library by seeing some picture on the opposite wall...friend liked it so much that decided to keep it and mailed a scanned copy of it after all these years...I'm really really touched and so full of nostalgia right now, well rain has always this effect on me :) It's a beautiful rainy day today and so thought of posting this rainy sketch on my blog today.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's an amazing work of art!!!

Nu said...

Aww..your friend is so nice :)

The sketch is wow Kanu :)

Dil se said...

Beautiful sketch Kanu !!

Abhishek said...

That is really very nice :)
Shabaash :)

Jack said...


Looking to possess a sketch by you. Hope you do oblige soon. Superb.

Take care

Sazal said...

beautiful sketch :)

Pankti said...

Wow! its beautiful You should definitely pursue sketching !

tellmeyourdreams said...

omigod kanu! u always manage to amaze and surprise me with your talent..this is toooo good a paiting! i wud love to put it up in my living room! anyone wud!

Smit said...

Really awesome sketch !!

Smit said...

Really awesome sketch !! :-)

Smit said...

Really awesome sketch !! :-)

You paint as adept as you write :-)

monisha mehta said...

hey , nice blog , like it ,
won't be nice if i u can clickover to my blog page too ,
& post some suggestion

Renu said...

Beautiful sketch !!!

Kanupriya said...

Hey thanks everybody :)

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