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Why do Men......???

Well, before I start writing, let me be very honest that no special pun or satire is intended towards men in general & this post is totally based on my experiences with my husband. Hubby darling loves me a lot but many of his habits simply lead to so many unanswered WHYs in my mind. After spending few months of our married life together, I have realized that there are certain WHYs about men, which is simply unrequited. Now here goes my list….

  1. Why do men read newspaper in the loo? I mean I really don’t understand this funda of my husband. I always wonder, reading newspaper not in bedroom, not in living room, not on his way to office & out of all the places WHY in loo??? Yukkk….frankly speaking I toh don’t feel like touching that newspaper when it is out of that loo & because of his this great habit he takes so much time in a loo that one can actually write a movie script or a story in that time.
  2. Why do men point out on our wardrobes? Whenever we decide to clean up our house, the first thing on which his eyes go, is my wardrobe. He will start scrutinizing as to why I don’t wear this & why don’t I throw this out & then he will make his final verdict – " If I distribute your clothes which you don’t wear nowadays to some needy people, then I think I will be able to help out at least one village". Hello, I asked you to help me out in cleaning our house & not emptying my wardrobe. I love clothes & that’s it!!!
  3. Why do men love those blood-shedding movies? I think my husband gets really turned on by all those action packed movies, boxing matches & hardheaded movies pointing out political corruption in our society. Excuse me, why do we go out for a movie? I mean real life is already filled up with so many political corruptions then why to watch them in movies too? Also all those boxing matches, wherein they show so much of blood & injuries….eeeekkkk….how can he enjoy such things!!! Yes, I like romantic & senti movies. Atleast they are more eye-soothing & pleasant to watch.
  4. Why do their favourite answer is "KUCH BHI"? Me- "Hey what shall I cook today"? He- "KUCH BHI". Me- "What shall I wear while going to your aunt’s house"? He- KUCH BHI". Me- "What gift shall I buy for your sister’s bday"? He- "KUCH BHI"….(this list is endless)….Can somebody please tell me, what does this “KUCH BHI” mean??? Hello, when I am asking you, that means I need your suggestions na!!!
  5. Why can’t they remember dates? I very clearly remember the days like our first meeting, our first date etc…..but my hubby darling, forget it!!!I sometimes wonder if he will remember my bday also after few years. I think most of the females have agreed to me on this that men simply can’t remember dates.
  6. Why do they hate shopping? The kind of faces which my hubby makes whenever we have to go out for shopping….It looks as if I have done some kind of atrocious torture on him!!! However, he never says no while going out for shopping but from his face one can simply make out that he hates shopping. I seriously wonder as to how men can hate a wonderful & exotic activity like shopping!!!
  7. Why do they expect us to be so quick? O.K, O.K., I know that I take time to get ready or I take time to select a dress….but so what??? See, we have to decide so many things before getting ready, right kind of dress, right accessory, right footwear etc….So, we will take time na….Now if you get ready on time, so whats so big deal??? For you its simply a shirt/tshirt or trouser/jeans. But see, we have to decide from so many options- jeans, skirts, salwaar-kurta, saree etc…..Isn’t it a time consuming & difficult task?
  8. Why do they simply hate our girl friends? Well he never puts any restriction on me, but there is not even a single girl friend of mine, whom he likes easily. Some he finds to be snob, some he thinks are very showy, some he thinks are not trustworthy & blah blah blah………Well, even I don’t like your MISS PERFECT or MISS SMARTY! But do I scrutinize them???
  9. Why do they compare us with every Jill, Suz or Mary? "Janu, why don’t you wear something like her, or why don’t you do this like her etc. etc. etc"….Hello, do we compare men with any Tom, Dick or Harry, then why do they compare us with all those so called hot looking babes? We don’t look like them & neither we want to look so hot (rather cheap).
  10. And last but not the least….why do they put the towels on bed? Now this is something really serious about my husband, he simply can’t put the wet towel anywhere else. I know that its of no point to tell him this anymore as I think he finds bed to the most suitable & best place to keep the wet towel after bath….Amusing, isn’t it???

Well, enough for now, I think this list can


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