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Is JOB synonymous to CAREER?

Well, we all study & grow up with some purpose & goals in our lives. As a kid if, one used to ask me – What do you want to become after growing up & I excitingly used to reply – "IAS officer/ Doctor/Engineer/Pilot". Of course like many other kids, even I used to have different answers at my different age levels. But the crux was that I was having some goal & ambition in my life. Even after having an outstanding academic records & a good bachelor’s degree, I finally realized that in present corporate culture, you are nothing if you aren’t having a MBA degree. So, went ahead for pursuing a MBA degree also & finally landed up with this job at a reputed company.Started my job with some very high hopes & firey aspiration to have a great career in my life. Well frankly speaking after working for two years, now I realized the difference between the word "career" & "job". Now I know that I am having a very cool & comfortable job but a pathetic career. Now if someone asks me –"What do you want to do in your life?", I think I will be clueless. After lots of introspection also, I think I don’t know the answer to this question. I feel as if I am having no goals in my life. Well, everyday I come to work in the morning with absolutely no enthusiasm, no zeal & no excitement towards my work as I know that nothing new is going to happen. My work is supposedly interesting but with the passage of time, my role has just ended up as a co-ordinator. Now, one can understand how messy the job of a co-ordinator is!!! You co-ordinate with n number of different teams. If something good comes up, all the different teams are ready to share your success but if something goes wrong, it ends up being only my responsibility. I think my whole office strongly believes in the saying- "Success has many fathers but Failure is an orphan child". Well, my dear ones say that it happens with everybody as in every office it’s the same story. They advice me to carry on my work & not to think too much. I also carry on the work like others, try to finish off as much as possible and then at the end of the day return back home with same unanswered questions in my mind. Where am I heading? What am I getting out of this job? What am I learning? What do I want out of my life? Why was I so confident of my dreams & aspirations during my childhood & now when I have got the potentiality to do something then why am I so inconfident of my goals and way ahead? Why am I so clueless of my aspirations? Does a cool & comfortable job mean a great job or does a great package mean a great job? What is the meaning of having a great career? Is JOB synonymous to CAREER?


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