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OSO or Sawariya

Last weekend went to watch Sawariya in a nearby multiplex & after all the promos were over suddenly we saw OSO was being played on the screen. Oh lo confused & bemused we were wondering if we have taken a wrong ticket or we have come to the wrong screen…I was getting upset as I had come with a mindset to watch OSO but then hubby told, “chal OSO dekh lete hain yaar, anyways we had to watch this movie also na”… hmm he was right, I was anyways planning to watch the movie the same weekend. Well, after initial few minutes I got engrossed in the movie completely & overall I would say that I enjoyed the movie. The next day when we got ticket was a weekday but still we decided to watch Sawariya as for next few days I was going to have a very hectic travel schedule & I was very much keen on watching Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie as soon as possible (Rather I should say I was very eager & curious for Sawariya as against OSO). I had heard from everybody that Sawariya is a very bad movie but nothing of that sort deterred me from my decision to watch Sawariya as I used to think how can something made by Bhansali “very bad”? Maybe the movie is very intense & different and hence not meant for general public.

But oh how wrong I was in my hypothesis that Bhansali & very bad can’t co-exist!!! The movie was not only bad rather a huge disappointment for many of us. Initially when I saw the huge sets & unrealistic backdrop etc of the movie then I thought maybe this is something of different era & hence the whole background like this… but forget about era even the story was absolutely rubbish… suddenly this & suddenly that, after every wink of your eyes there was a song. Songs were so lovely but absolutely no co-relation with the sequence rather most of the songs were totally out of place. The two much awaited star kids were good, infact as per me Sonam was good but I found Ranbir to be over acting at many places. Rani’s role was a total waste of talent of somebody like Rani & for Salman there was nothing to act as such. It was totally confusing as to how he suddenly appeared then disappeared & then again appeared at the end. The streets, those bridges, that small boat & that whole blue blue appearance of the movie was soooooo dull, very unlike of Bhansali. Infact with no story, no theme, no co-relations, it was totally unbearable after a point & with all blue color themes to me it looked like a BLUE after BLACK from Bhansali.

On the contrary as against my expectation, I enjoyed OSO a lot. Whatever I had heard of & seen the promos I had thought that OSO will be one ghista pita, Bollywood masala kind of movie & reincarnation and all will be so weird to watch in this era but oh I was totally wrong. Not only did I enjoy the movie with that stereo type story rather I was totally impressed with Farah to present such a typical story in such an interesting packaging. The movie was full of sweet surprises & at the end almost everybody in the theater left the place with a smile on their faces. Shahrukh was great & Deepika was just so cool. Being her first film I should say she has lived the role of 70s girl in just a superb way. And that title song was also very peppy. So, overall it was a good enjoyable movie and even a person like me who generally doesn’t like to watch typical masala movie enjoyed it completely.

Well, both these movies were over hyped & were two most talked about movies in the recent times & many people like me had expected Bhansali’s Sawariya to be anytime better than Farah’s OSO but I guess after watching both I will give anytime more stars & points to OSO as compared to Sawariya.And ya never ever do the mistake which we did of watching Saawaria on a weekday, as it’s too heavy a dose for a weekday & if by mistake you also get to see OSO instead of Saawariya like us, then just thank your stars and watch the movie happliy :-)


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