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Yet Again??? Mumbai terrorized...

Well, it’s no less than a movie! Like some real-life Hollywood thriller or some Bollywood action flick. But very unfortunately this time it’s not fiction or reel, rather it is TRUE & REAL. And I always thought pirates coming down through sea by hijacking some ship or boat and then entering a city, running like crazy in the mid of main markets and streets with guns up in their hand and shoulder bag full of explosives, open gun firing, capturing the main buildings on gun point, hostages caught inside those buildings day and night, police fighting with goondas, firing, continuous rattling of AK 47, sudden blasts of granades, heavy smoke and fire in the air, good cops dying in such battles and masses losing their lives like that can happen only in either Johny Depp / Sunny Deol movies or in those pirates stories which we used to read as kids! The realization that it can happen in real life and somewhere so close to us in Mumbai and that its going on for more than 26 hours now is heart wrenching, terrifying and so shocking!!! It’s frightening to realize that these pics are not of any Bollywood set rather these are true stills of our very famous Taj hotel in Mumbai:

Thank god that my brother down there in Mumbai finally reached home safely last night and thank God that my mom who was going to my brother’s place in Mumbai boarded off that train today. What if she would have started one day before and reached CST last night??? Oh God, when such thoughts are so scary then how would those have felt who would have faced an open gun fire at CST? How are those feeling who are still trapped inside Oberoi for more than 26 hours now? And how must be the families of those feeling who lost their family members in this horrific attack? I can’t move myself away from television since last night, it is so depressing to see all this but then I’m just observing it on screen…out there are hundreds like us who are facing it in real life…I pray and can only pray for them!


Sindhu :) said...

Life's got no value for these insane guys!

Rajesh said...

I have not been able to take myself away from television till now. Its scarrrryyyyy.

Iya said...

this is so scary...cant even start to imagine what the hostages have gone through..and the worst is all this is not yet over..god knows where we are headed.. this is getting worse day by day...

Abhishek said...

You know what, I have stopped watching/reading/listening news completely.
Now I will watch news only when they start saying all these bastards have been killed.

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@ Sindhu: Yea sad but its true :-(

@ Rajesh: In office as well, I am stuck to this damn television in conference room...its horrible.

@ Iya: Trust me even the thought ot gives a shiver!!! And sadly its still on...God!

@ Abhishek: Amen...but the fight is still on!

SunRays said...

Amen...thats the prayer of us all.

Deb said...

Thank god this all ended. I watched it whole night on TV. And did u see the halat of Taj now? Its really bad

How do we know said...

Am soo glad that your family is fine. Really am! Every time i hear this "we're fine".. never have 2 words made me happier in life.

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tellmeyourdreams said...

indeed this was scary,violated all limits of cruelity, madness and has left the so called leaders of this country aptly humiliated! God can you see what is happening?!!!

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