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"SLAP"stick comedy - Ugly Aur Pagli

After liking “Pyaar Ke Side Effects” a lot by Pritish Nandy Communications starring Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat, I was eagerly waiting for next PNC release. Watched this movie last weekend and I think the only thing which makes sense about this movie is its name – UGLY aur PAGLI, rest everything is as insane as possible. Yeah the movie is sort of Ugly with those dirty scenes like Mallika vomiting every now and then and absolutely PAGLI as its full of lunatic series and sequences.

Speaking of the story, it’s a story of Kuhu and Kabir…ummm nothing more to write as there is no story at all! So, no need to go into details of the same. Ranvir Shorey is playing UGLY and Mallika Sherawat is playing PAGLI whose only role in the movie is to SLAP Ranvir every now & then…slap if he does good to her, slap if he does bad to her! Quite a “SLAP”stick comedy I must say. Mallika was good in her acting as long as she was supposed to play this crazy girl who wanted her boyfriend to fulfill all her insane demands and the moment she was required to shed some tears, oh god what a disaster she was! She just couldn’t do any serious part even if it’s there for just few minutes. Ranvir Shorey was good in his acting as usual but his role was too miserable to impress. Though the movie definitely shows you some of those very popular old television stars like Sushmita Mukherjee, Bharti Achrekar and both have them have done their role wonderfully well.

I would rate this movie only 1.5 out of 5: 1 because of Ranvir and 0.5 because of “Talli” song. Overall it was a bad decision to watch this movie in a multiplex on a weekend, it was supposed to be a comedy but I don’t remember even a single scene which would have brought a smile on my face, forget about laughter! I would not recommend to anybody to watch this movie and yeah in case you still wanna do, wait for the DVD release, it would be a better idea to watch it at home as atleast you can switch to some channel if you find it to be too boring or forward those unwanted scenes which just makes you wonder – what happened to Ranvir’s specialized comedy skills and how come such a movie from PNC productions!


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