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Balika Vadhu : Finally there is something to watch on TV

Ah, after a long time managed to reach home today early at sharp 8 pm, not bad considering that it was Monday today :-) and the first thing which I did was switch on Colors Channel on television. Now TV and me! Quite unlikely, but yeah I did so happily and was glad that finally I would get to catch on “Balika Vadhu” on its normal time today otherwise either I will have to catch it in late night show or on Saturdays when they repeat the whole week story at one stretch. Isn’t it sounding strange that I am talking of catching up on some television soap? Well its definitely sounding strange to me atleast!!!!!!

I have been planning to express my thoughts about this particular television soap since long, but somehow never managed to do so. I think after a loooong time there is some program on television which has got me hooked on to TV again, its Balika Vadhu which airs on Colors channel from Mon-Fri at 8 pm. Well, I hardly get to see it at its normal time but this serial is so damn addictive that I wait to catch up on its late night repeat telecast. This soap is about a very different but real life theme, its about child-marriage and this issue has been portrayed in such a sensitive way that it just leaves you spell-bound as a viewer. The main protagonist Anandi is an eight year old girl who has been married to almost equal aged Jagdish and the soap shows Anandi’s transition from a child to a bahu in such a poignant way that it just stirs and shakes you from deep within. The innocence of Anandi just makes you wonder how these child marriages must be affecting lives of so many girls like Anandi. All the characters have done a wonderful job and they all look so real, be it the role of Anandi played by Avika Gaur or the role of Dadisa played by Surekha Sikri, honestly speaking Surekha Sikri has done an amazingly authentic role so much so that sometimes you feel like hitting the screen after seeing her. Infact today when I was watching the serial I get this SMS from one of my friends who was also watching today’s episode saying she feels like smashing dadisa right now :-). See, I'm not the only one who feels like this :-)

So, its not only me rather many of my friends and colleagues as well who have got hooked onto this serial and trust me this list includes some guys as well :-). This serial has definitely converted lots on non-TV watchers into TV watchers again! Well, you need to watch it to agree to my this strong statement. No wonder this serial has managed to score such a high TRP of 4.22 in just 3 months only leaving lots of nonsensical saas bahu operas behind. I only hope it remains as engaging and gripping as it is now and not turn into yet another television trash in times to come.


Sindhu :) said...

I sooo want to see it, but am work at that time :(

Abhishek said...

I have been hearing quite a lot about this one, never managed to watch it though. Coz if I am at home at 8, then I watch news mostly.

However I recommend another show which I caught a couple of times. 'Ek Packet Ummeed' on NDTV Imagine is a very nice show. Talks of a group of ladies in some kind of ladies home (don't know what that is called!) and how they cope up with issues ranging from eve teasing to more complex ones. The eve-teasing one was fabulous actually :)

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@Sindhu: Catch up the repeat telecasts on Saturday! They show all the 5 episodes at one stretch from 2 pm onwards

@Abhishek: Yeah reaching home at 8 in today's work life is quite difficult, even I catch up the repeat telecasts only. I haven't watched Ek Packet Umeed, will try to catch up on it sometime.

tellmeyourdreams said...

i totally agree tht this serial is something "hat ke" and ofcourse worth a blog! :) the decked up saas bahus were gettin too much though they are still very much viewed. whenever anandi is sad i feel her sadness..dont know y but i can relate to her at times!

Gouri said...

The serial Balika Vadhu is definitely worth viewing. The all aspects like casts,costumes designing are all superub. Everyone is get attracted to this serial. I wish the serial and the cast good sucess and wants to see many more serials like this in future from the director and others responsible for making this serial a good success.

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