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Rock On ROCKS!!

I had seen this movie first weekend itself but somehow never got the time to post this one, was caught up in too many things L…Well, if I have to summarize this movie in one word, I will just say it ROCKS! Yeah, Rock On truly rocks and after a long long time I think such a movie has come in Bollywood which I feel like watching many times, otherwise there are very few movies which I feel like watching twice.

I know most of you would have seen this movie by now but still I would not like to divulge the story for the benefit of those who are going to watch it soon and trust me its one movie which you should NOT miss out at any cost! The name “ROCK ON” surely gives the impression that it might be one of those yippee kind of movie meant only for teenagers but this is a movie with which anyone can relate to, be it of any age group or any sex J. It’s not only about Rock or Music rather it is about living your dreams. It’s a story of four friends (Farhaan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny and Purab Kohli) who are very passionate about music but how their life transforms and how they have to compromise with their dreams to adjust in the practical life and how their same passion unites them again at a later stage in their life. This movie reminds you of your good old bindaas student days where every one has got big dreams and passions and how with time and reality of life, practicality takes precedence over passion and career plus money takes primacy over innocent dreams. I’m sure most of us could relate to some or other situation like this :)

As far as other aspects of movies are concerned, I will just say great! Abhishek Kapoor as a director and all the actors have done an amazing job – I have never seen Arjun Rampal better than this, infact I couldn’t believe his acting talent, one can’t do more realistic role of a stressed out wife as done by Shahana Goswami who played the wife of Arjun Rampal, she was just great, its very difficult to imagine VJs like Purab and Luke doing such sensitive role, they were awesome, Koel Puri had a small role but very noteworthy. And now coming down to two important characters who debuted from this movie – Prachi Desai and Farhaan Akhtar; I remember how I used to hate that ever crying face of Bani played by Prachi Desai which my mom used to watch…arghhhh but I can’t write how much I liked her in this movie as a wife of Farhaan Akhtar, though she had not much to speak but her eyes and expressions were enough to let you believe her acting talent and potential. And for Farhaan, I don’t have any words left I think…this man is simply superb! How can a single person be such great director, producer, actor as well as singer!!! He is a powerhouse of talent and just outstanding! Hats off to him and his stupendous performance both as actor as well as singer. Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Lyrics by Javedji are as always one of the best. I am so much in love with the songs of this movie that they have broken all the records as far as frequency of song played in my iTune is concerned J.

This movie is one the must watch’s from bollywood and I would recommend it to everyone. It just tells you very beautifully that life without dream and passion is nothing.


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