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Well, changing my blog look was on my agenda since long but after losing my personal template code last week, now I a neither have the time nor the enthu to write another template code for myself. It’s hell lot of work and needs some dedicated time which I don’t have as of now! Even weekends are damn busy these days and hence I decided to go ahead with this standard extra column template. Though I have done bit of customizations in terms of images and columns but most of it is from the standard layout. I personally like 2 sidebar designs just like my wordpress blog and so went ahead with changing the old blogger template to this. It needs some more work but will do those customizations as and when I will get time, till then at least there is a fresh look on my blog :-)


Abhishek said...

Ohho..much better looking than earlier.
Can you darken the text font a bit more?

Iya said...

hey this look is nice...
i didnt know u had written the initial code urself...
i too want to change the look of my blog since a long time..its a project which is long over due..the one that i have is the first option in the standard templates and its the same i have been using since i started blogging.. about creativity there..
i like this new look though... :)

Nautankey said...

Look neat and cool...i am somehow fine with my default template :) probly bcoz i am too much of a tech moron to code things...

Sindhu :) said...

I loooove it!!!!

Its very nice! The header suits you perfect!

Kanupriya said...

@ Abhishek: Yeah even I think so. Will do some more chnages over weekend :-)

@ Iya: Yeah I had written a complete code myself and that too with my very novice html / xml skills. Was looking for some free weekend to implement the same on my blog but before I could have done that I lost it in my laptop carsh as me the great had saved it on desktop!!!!!! :-( :-( :-(. Now I dont think I have time and patience to make another one immediately on my own.

@ Nautankey: :-). BTW I like your template as it looks neat.

@ Sindhu: Thanks :-). I am glad you liked the header as this is my personal customization :D

Prasad said...

and the default template looks good for one time!

Sindhu :) said...

Hmm! Maybe I should sit with you & learn about this template making from you once.

BTW... My talk with you about something else is also long pending! :-| Will catch you sometime soon :)

Kanupriya said...

@ Prasad: yeah :-)

@ Sindhu: Hey anytime, you can catch me on chat or on phone. I think you have my number now :-)

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