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I had earlier written about some interesting Ghajini marketing strategies and a spoof on Ghajini, but got to notice some other interesting stuffs about Ghajini on digital medium in last one week and from whatever I have observed, one thing is clear that their marketing agency has definitely tried quite some different online marketing strategies for promoting this movie. Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...


Abhishek said...


Sorry, it has nothing to do with this post.

But I thought of telling you this. We are planning to visit an Old Age home in Bangalore this year. Actually we do something like this every year, but previous two editions were in Hyderabad (2007: Old Age Home, 2008: HIV +ve kids home).

Will you be interested in joining? Absolutely no probs if not possible. But if yes, just drop me a line on

Thanks and a veryy happy new year :)

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