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The importance of being Earnest!

When we got this insert in landmark about a play of Oscar Wilde in Bangalore, we got damn excited as both me and N enjoy watching plays and we used to watch lots of them when we were in Mumbai but somehow we never got much chance to watch good plays in Bangalore. Either we were not aware of exact schedules of plays or even when we came to know about some, we were not quite sure of the booking procedures and all. This time however the insert explained it all and most importantly it was a very famous comedy of Wilde titled “The importance of being Earnest” and tickets were easily available online. There was only one small hitch, we were not aware of this place known as Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Malleshwaram where this play was being performed. Well, that’s a very famous place in Bangalore but neither me nor N is very familiar with that part of the town. But after some basic google map surfing and with some help from one of our friends, we finally reached the place. Though the area was quite ok but reaching that hall was not an easy task as one needs to cross through many small curvy lanes, in fact at one point of time we were wondering what kind of place is this which is in so interior! But I’m happy that we were wrong, it’s actually a very beautiful hall with a violin shape exterior.

This play was being organized by Evam group and yesterday being Christmas, they had made the overall venue also look quite festive. Some interesting stalls and one small game corner! And after roaming out here and there for a while finally we settled for the show at 7:30…the banner of the show read, “A serious comedy for serious people” :-) and oh how much right that sentence was! The play was really hilarious. Set in an old Brit setting, this play is about a gentleman named Jack and the whole fiasco about his name being / not being Earnest! Oh what a wonderful performance by all the actors and what a script! We kept on laughing throughout those 2 hours. We enjoyed it totally and we would recommend this play to everybody who are interested in theater and some light moments. I must say I was quite impressed with Evam team, though I do have very small suggestion for them, after ending the play it would have been good if they would have introduced us to the cast on stage. The whole cast did appear in the end but viewers like us who were watching Evam performance for the first time were not knowing the name of individual actors. But overall it was a time very well spent and reminded us of our courtship days when we used to go to Prithvi in Juhu :-). Now I’ll be surely looking forward to their next performance in Bangalore.


Sindhu :) said...

Evam is a pretty well known group actually. I think Nautankey and his group Rebelz know them.

Never been to a theater play but would like to see one! Probably start with Rebelz :D

Nautankey said...

Evam was our inspiration :).. we first saw their plays n thought they cud have done a few things in a different manner.Then decided rather than being arm chair critics lets try doing that n gave a shot..and the rest as they say was history[for us atleast :)].

Most of Evam's lead actors[3 main people] are too well known in chennai and probly they assumed the same in blore too.. Do Keep watching more theatre,someday soon we will be in blore too :)

Kanupriya said...

@ Sindhu: Oh u must watch one! Start with nautankey's one of the shows :-)

@ Nautankey: Oh really? So, when is rebelz coming to blore??? See you have one viewer ready for your show :)

Nautankey said...

ha ha..hopefully soon.That is our target for 2009 :) and I thought that was 2.

Kanupriya said...

@ Nautankey: Oh yea 2, me and hubby :D. But guess I can manage more if rebelz comes to blore. I will make lots of my friends buy tickets too :-)

Nautankey said...

Thanks a ton for that,hope we make it there soon.

Sindhu :) said...



You have plans for Blore but not for Hyderabad??

Unfair I say! x-(

Abhishek said...

Yeah, I too have heard about Evam. They are pretty famous.

And I too will be interested in watching Nautankey's group perform :)

Rhett said...

That is something exceptionally interesting and nice you talked about here. I have a deep love for literature, and Oscar Wilde is right in the heart of it. I will try and watch a play, sometime. I have never ever. How tragic! :(

Abhishek said...

Heyy.. guess what. On saturday a group called Jeneusse did the same play in Hyderabad. After reading your review I thought of going. But then I had no company :'( and the place too was in a bit uncharted territory, so I dint go :D

Natali said...

Evam is a very well known group - I watched a performance by them at Ranga Shankara in JP Nagar.

This is another very well known place for plays in case you are looking to enjoy such outings more often- they update their website very frequently and run plays in different languages as well as by different production companies.

Kanupriya said...

@ Rhett: Hey thanks a lot! Do watch any play, I think u will like it.

@ Abhishek: Oh, maybe next time

@ Natali: Thanks for dropping by. yeah we have seen Rangashankara and heard its very good!

Manasi Subramaniam said...


Thank you for your kind words. I'm really glad you liked our show.

- Manasi (the director)

The Spoinker said...

hi kanupriya.

thanks for your review.

evam is coming back to rangashankara on the 12th, 13th and 14th of june with a new production called 'An Idiot for dinner'.

would like you to do a preview/review/post/someth :P

do mail us at

for evam

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