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How come holidays end so soon?

Am back, was off on a family vacation to Varanasi, Lucknow & Delhi for eight days. Oh was it really for 8 days??? If yes, how come it ended so soon :-( ? Perhaps I was so busy enjoying it that never realized when time slipped away. It was fun to be away from work with minimal access to laptop and phones all these days and to add to that deadly cold weather of north! I can say literally that it was really a "chilled out" vacation :-). After all these years in Mumbai and Bangalore, facing winters of Delhi and Varanasi with 3 - 4 degree temperature was some experience I must say. Both me and N are from that part of the country itself but still…I think Bangalore weather really spoils you to adjust anywhere else. We both got down with cough and cold but despite ill health and in that chilling weather also one thing which we really enjoyed throughout our trip was food – from Jalebis and Lassi of Varanasi to Kababs and Panipuris of Lucknow to Samosas and Chats of Delhi, Yummm! This was totally a foodie vacation, both of us before leaving were having these great plans of enjoying street side food and kababs of Lucknow and for once we stuck to our plan LOL! Now it’s a different thing that after coming back, I have hidden my weighing scale below the bed, I really don’t have the courage to face the scale now :D
Overall it was a very good trip and I have lot more to share about my trip which I will do in my subsequent posts. As of now, it’s time to get back to work. Monday after 8 days of leave is really terrible, isn’t it? It’s 8:10 pm already and still no hope of leaving for home anytime soon…Had a long day at work which I guess is going to continue to be a long night too :-(


Nautankey said...

All good things end soon :). Was a nice short travelogue..hopefully it renewed ur energy and enthusiasm levels to carry with the mundane work

Abhishek said...

Last year, in Jan my sister got married. And in that 5-6 degree winter, I roamed around in Half Shirts much to chagrin of my family. I was 'enjoying' the winter so much!!

And lassi of Lanka...ohh my God :)

You dint say anything about 4-day powercut ;)

Kanupriya said...

@ Nautaneky: Yeah it was a much needed break!

@ Abhishek: Yea lassi of lanka is really oh my god :D... i have never tasted a better lassi than lanka one. Powercut was terrible, will be memtioned in my subsequent posts.

Sindhu :) said...

This is one type of post that is assured from everybody who is off on a trip - complaining about how bad it is to be back to routine after that trip ;)

But yea... like Naut said - all good things come to an end soon - vacations come to end sooner!

Nautankey said...

Hey priya,

was thelink.. hope it works.. checked it.

How do we know said...

i can identify with this. I was on a no phone lovely holiday for 7 days.. and it just breezed past! HNY.

Kanupriya said...

@ Sindhu: Yea agree :-) but still...cant holidays be longer? Say 48 hours = 1 day :P

@ Nautankey: Hey thanks, now I can chk it :-)

@ Howdoweknow: Hey thanks & same to u

Sneha Divakar said...

i love the delhi roadside chaats.. esp the baked sweet potato "shakkarkandi" and also ram laddu...
visited delhi in Dec 07. totally loved the spirit of the capital :)

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