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Thanks Nautankey!

Got this from Nautankey almost three weeks back but since I was travelling that time, hence did not get the chance to put it up here and then got tied up in work rut. Decided to put it now as today seems to be a horrible day for me, so thought an award even if its a virtual one may cheer up my day :-).

Nautankey – thanks, thanks & more thanks for giving this to me…such sweet stuffs really bring a smile on my face and it keeps me motivated to somehow find time to do more and more blogging despite my horribly packed work schedule these days.

Now the rules:

  • Display the Award in your page - done with a big smile :-)
  • Award them to your favorite commentators
  • Ask them to forward it to their favorite commentators
  • And don't forget to link their page to their names

Now I need to give it to my favorite commentators… Waise toh I love all my commentators who take time to visit my blog and express their thought on my posts (big THANKS to all of you :-)) but this award I would like to give it to all my old blogger friends who started comment on my blog loooong back on my O3 blog, who always commented with a genuine heart and intention of encouargement & healthy interaction on my blog. Initially when I started writing in 2003, I never expected comments and interaction from so many people but there are these people who were always there to read my posts and whose comments really encouraged me to write more and more and before I could have realized they made blogging an addiction for me instead of just another hobby :-)
So, here goes my list:

  • My first few names is a list of those people who are not bloggers but still do take time to always read my posts and give their critical inputs (mostly negatives :-( but those negatives always help me to improve further :-)). I am not mentioning their names as they don’t have any blog to be linked to, but I’m sure they know who am I referring to :-)
  • Tanvi: My childhood and best friend. Though she is not a regular blogger but she is the most regular reader and commentator of my blog since my 1st post which is as old as 2003.
  • Meher: She is one of the most regular and sweetest commentator from my O3 days and yeah she is always there to read my blogs and comment on it :D. I wanted to link her O3 blog but she does not use it anymore hence linking it to blogspot one.
  • Savy: For all her intellectual inputs and thoughts expressed on my blog and yeah she was one of the initial few who always used to tell me to write more and more.
  • Niceguy251: For all his sweet interactions on my blog.

Clap, clap clap for all of you and cheers to all my the readers of my blog :D !


tellmeyourdreams said...

thanks a ton kanu! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats ! Congrats ! Congrats !

Kanupriya said...

@ tellmeyourdreams: welcome always :-)

@ Hobo: thanks, thanks, thanks :D

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