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Rakhi ka Swayamvar - What next???

When I heard about the promo of this program, I really could not believe it! This sounded insane & crazy but then when I saw news channels airing Ms. Sawant in a sati-savitri avatar trying best to speak with her jhuki hui aankhein like a nayi naveli dulhan, I was nothing less than aghast! Now this has to be heights of reality television…“sawayamvar” & that too of Rakhi Sawant live on television! This is totally weird & senseless & mad &…forget it, even if I will exhaust all synonyms of madness over here then too I don’t think I can justify how mad I think this act is!

NDTV Imagine is going to air this program titled “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” where Rakhi who is always in news for shocking reasons will be selecting her real life partner. The program will show the journey of Rakhi selecting & then finally marrying the selected winner in television. As per the official release, Fazila Allana from SOL Productions said, “We are very proud of Rakhi for taking such a bold decision and we hope that she will find happiness at the end of the show”. Proud of Rakhi for taking such a BOLD decision? I think these producers are done with all normal reasons of feeling proud about their programs that they are now resorting to such weird concepts. Well, is there anybody apart from Rakhi Sawant who could have decided to get married like this? I’m not sure!

Like most of the Indian viewers, even I’m really fed up of infinite number of reality shows & the inevitable crying of participants in each and every such show. The bitterness, the emotional drama, the bitching, the fighting amongst judges…gawwd! Every show comes up with some new nuisance but a nuisance as big as this is really unbelievable. After being tired of singing, dancing, bitching, joking & stunting, now participants are actually willing to compete for MARRYING Rakhi Sawant. How I wish this is just a game or some publicity stunt by channel guys and not some real marriage show. And if it is real, then what next??? So, shall we wait for some best “first night” or “love-making” reality show or maybe…ah I think I should leave it here. I’m wondering where all this is heading to?


Sindhu :) said...

Last line best about what next :)))))

I read a blog somewhere about this and was aghast too! People are becoming crazier by the day ... no.. by the minute!

Smita said...

I had almost fainted when I saw this ad. Of all people Raakhi Sawant having a Swayamvar...

But you wait n watch there are hordes of pagal behind Rakhi men....

I am sure her antics will end up irritating us!!!!

Check out this link

Renu said...

When NDTV imagin started I though it will have good content what with having karan johar as partner, but so far I havent found a single good programme on this channel, whereas Colors and Real have many.

Kanupriya said...

@ Sindhu: Agree, by the minute is more apt

@ Smita: Yea even I'm keen to watch at least first few episodes to see who all are willing to marry Rakhi Sawant.

@ Renu: If there is one channel, i can still watch its Colors, NDTV Imagine started on a good note but has been only following downward curve.

Iya said...

Rakhi says - " i am what i am because of television so it makes sense that i get married on TV as well.. "
oh ya and monkeys will fly..

wonder what our children will watch when they grow up!!!

Sneha Divakar said...

h ehehe.. ROFL

Nautankey said...

Yes NDTV is going to be proud in presenting sambhavna seth ki suhagraat :D.

The show makes a mockery of marriage.I pity those men who would participate in the show though they might do it for publicity too.

Coincidence of coincidences..your blog word verification for me is "grosest" :D :P

Kanupriya said...

@ Iya: idea where this is all heading to

@ Sneha: :D

@ Nautankey: Wait till some channel guy sees your idea of "Sambhavna ki Suhaagraat" & I bet some creative minds can actually think of it as a program idea. & the coincidence of grosest is really a TOO much of a coincidence I guess...loved it!

रश्मि प्रभा said...

modernity ki paribhasha yahi rah gai hai....shocking & shocking

Tiger said...

hey Kanupriya,

Rakhi... for a starter then all the divorced stars who will try to find their true love on telli. Disgusting.

Nice posts and a good blog. Read chit-chat as well. Keep posting.

Abhishek said...

Heyy I nearly fell off that treadmill reading 'sambhavna seth ki suhaagraat'. :D

BTW, this show is based on The Bachelorette, an American reality show. And mind you, this show has actually seen a successful marriage ;)

WSW said...

"Aaj main jo kuch bhi hun televijon ki wajah se hun, to mujhe sacha pyaar bhi televijon hi dega"


May lord "jejus" help her.and those men who are trying to win her hand.


Of course I will watch each and every episode. ;)

Kanupriya said...

@ rashmiprabha: Sach mein modernity ke naam pe tamasha hai yeh sab!

@ Tiger: Hey thanks for dropping by my blog

@ Abhishek: LOL...Nautankey's creativity at his best :-)

@ WSW: I know, even I heard this "televijion" statment of Ms. Bride to be :D

Winnie the poohi said...

Think of it this way.. which guy in his sanest frame of mind would marry rakhi otherwise? :D

Winnie the poohi said...

I agree Imagine started with wonderful serials like ummeed bhavan and all.. I actually wud mark time and watch it every tuesday.. but it was dropped unceremoniously!

tellmeyourdreams said...

i saw this news yesterday itself n didnt pay much heed to it thinkin it must b another reality show! rakhi n her attention seekin tantrums! poor guy will be called a divorcee the rest of his life.hahahahahaha.....i wonder what happened to the abhishek guy!

Kanupriya said...

@ Winnie: Thanks for dropping by, I also dont know which guy will be willing to get married to her! Let's wait & watch...

@ Tellmeyourdreams: Abhishek guy was royally dumped & that too on television :D, there was whole lot of coverage showing how she slapped & thrown him out of her house :-)

Anonymous said... all you people who are so "Aghast”, “shocked" and those who "fainted" etc, will not be watching this show when it's aired, right?
Remember, these shows exist because people watch them. It’s all about the ratings. If you do not tune in then you can bet your life, this show will be taken off the air. So are you going to pledge to tune out?
I am willing to bet, none of you will put your money where your mouth is. So folks, quit the holier than thou attitude. Rakhi sawant is an entertainer. She is funny. I hope she finds success.

Anonymous said...

Some more West comes to East. By the looks of it looks like a copy of "Jodie Marsh's Who will take me up the aisle". In the end, she married her boyfriend who was shown as a contestant on the show. Heights of Reality :)

Anonymous said...

GUYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....i read a article n it said that rakhi is NOT gonna get married at the end of the showw...also that the whole thing is scripted:@
lsn 2 this...they are gonna give the groom a choice of money or rakhi...the grom choses money, ms.dramtic crys abt losing her love n is left singleeee

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