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Love Aaj Kal: Kal was better than Aaj!

Well, too many things to blog about again but sigh for I am not getting time to be regular on blogs. Reasons are many actually, but those deserve a separate post, as of now lemme stick to the movies & books which I read recently. But before that would like to share one of my articles which came on pluggdin today, check out: Twitter getting Twilmy: An opportunity for brands? @

Watched Love Aaj Kal last weekend and since then have been planning to do a post on it but…anyways coming down to this movie, I think I have a very confused reaction towards it. I liked it and I didn’t like it. Now the confusion is which reaction is the dominant one? I think the later one; I found it to be just an ok type movie, maybe a one-time watch for those who love light Bollywood flicks. I very much like Bollywood movies but this was just another movie for me which has nothing special to be shared except for the way it has been made, that was definitely new. Some parts were enjoyable like Veer Singh’s (Young Rishi Kapoor played by Saif Ali Khan) love story with Harleen Kaur (a brazillian model Giselle Monteiro) but other aspects of the movie were really big disappointments esp. Deepika Padukone; she looked gorgeous, absolutely ravishing but her acting was pathetic! It was as good as an exotic looking dish but salt missing in it! This has to be one of her most plastic performances ever. Even very powerful scenes were lifeless because of her expressionless expressions. Saif Ali Khan was good but I found him better in his sardar old generation role, in fact overall also I found the “Kal Love” to be better than the “Aaj Love” in the movie. Music was great but the most promoted song was not a part of the movie, it was at the end as a part of concluding casting. Surprise package was definitely Neetu Kapoor, ah I love the grace of that lady so much that her presence (even though it was hardly for a minute or two) just gave a lift to that movie. She looked as fabulous as ever. So, in case you’ve not watched this movie till now, go for it for that slight glimpse of Neetu Kapoor or for the sweet love story of Veer & Harleen. That part is definitely worth a watch!


Tarun Goel said...

You are also there, I thought you have disappeared :)
Nice comeback :D

I'm Screenage Scribbler said...

Good that you wrote something. I mean will you believe I was just thinking about you yesterday..long time no see and all that.. and today I see your post :)

Me too wrote about the movie the very next day of its release.. I agree with you almost on every point mentioned.. especially Neetu Kapoor... !!!

The Survivor said...

yet to watch the movie but good that you took time to blog about it :)

Indy said...

Nice review!!Looks like I just HAVE to watch it after so many people saying it's nice!

Dil se said...

You are so right!! Even I watched the movie last weekend and found Deepika very boring and expressionless. the only watchable part of the movie was Veer singh and his love story.
Music was okay types, I loved the song "Yeh dooriyan" though

Kanupriya said...

@ Tarun: I'm here now, just that bit caught up these days :)

@ Screenage: Oh glad to know that

@ The Survivor: You can, its actually a one time watch

@ Indy: Thanx & welcome to my space

@ Dil Se: Welcome to my blog & even I love "yeh dooriyan" :)

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