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Reality TV hits its all time low!

It’s no more anger rather DISGUST on Indian reality television now. With programs like “Pati, Patni aur Woh”, “Rahul ka Swayamvar & “Bigg Boss 3” I’m wondering if there is any better reaction possible than this? Well, content wise I guess all of them are crap but the crappiest of the lot is surely “Pati, Patni aur Woh”. This program leaves me nothing less than AGHAST! I mean why on earth would people want their few months old kids to participate in such a weird program? Be it any class of the society, I’ve generally seen parents taking utmost care of their babies, but the way kids were handled in the initial few episodes of the program just makes you think again & again – what is it which would have acted as trigger enough for the parents to leave their infants in such a strange environment. Is it money or fame or both? And when you read justification like the following, all the more you start wondering if the parents really know what they are doing with their kids through all these reality programs.?As quoted by one of the parents in TOI:

"My husband and I did this purely as social work. All the celebrity couples are either married or are preparing to marry. So we are helping them for the future," said Shilpa Budhraja whose 10 month old son is one of the kids in the show.

!!!!!!!!!#######!!!!!. Ms. Budharaja, don’t you think there are zillions of better and more sensible ways to do social service than lending your kid to a reality show? Being a mother, the least you could have thought about is the distress and unease which such show can cause to your kid.

When I see the program and the way those 10-11 months old babies are handled, all I can feel is empathy for those kids and pity on their parents. Really hunger for fame can make you do anything! From the appearance of their parents I somehow don’t think it’s only money which is making them do so.

Indian reality television has been blatantly copying the western content format but with shows like Perfect Bride or Pati, Patni Aur Woh, I wonder do they even understand the impact of such shows on our society. And with almost every aspect of life becoming a reality program, what would be the next content now? Shaadi dikha diya, pregnancy ka natak bhi karwa diya, bachche bhi palwa liye, what next? “Rakhi ka suhaagraat” or “Rakhi maa kaise bani”??? Well, reality TV content has definitely hit its all time low and it does need a full stop in its flow now!


Nu said...

I'm with you ! I recently did a post on this and I'm too shocked to see how parents could make their babies go through this turmoil ! SAD !!!

Goes to show what we are going to give our kids in virasat... I think TV will have to banned when our kids are born :(

Sindhu :) said...

Which channel does this PPW come on???

Renu said...

yahan to Bhedchaal ha..once a reality show was a there willbe reality shoes on any and everything, till viewers get tired oof it...the problem lies with viewers who watch it..and make it popular.

Uncommon Sense said...

thankfully my tv is not working

Anonymous said...

Seriously! What with one woman apparently leaving her baby and Rakhi Sawant dressing up a boy as a girl... I felt awful for the babies.

PNA said...

The worst part is that promos (I've seen the show yet, and don't plan to catch it either) make it look like taking care of kids a distasteful task, esp with Rakhi...

and poor kids, aren't they those so-called scientific studies that say that harrassed babies remain harried when they grow up too. Heights!!!!


phatichar said...

Oh boy, what a post! Couldn't agree with you more! Sickening is the word that comes when I see this reality show.

And they're not done yet, mind you.

tellmeyourdreams said...

lol!!!my list of crap shows are..the perfect bride, somethin called dhandhana dhan..kidnap...stuntmania..and yes being a mother i cudnt bear to watch those episodes where the infants were left in unknown hands..i dont even let unknown people tuch my child!!!!

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