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Chan ke aayi toh kya chandni toh mili...

Whether I’m hitting the gym regularly or not but life definitely seems to be running on a treadmill these days and that too at a speed no less than 10 mph! Huffing and puffing I try to catch up with the pace, but the damn treadmill shifts its mode often making me juggle between one mode to another so frequently. Last few weeks have been quite eventful in many senses, while health wise I’m not at all keeping well, yet had some delightful moments with family and friends. Holi was fun with both sides of families and so was the trip to Ooty & Conoor with in-laws kin. Work is hectic as usual but then I’m loving what I’m getting to do as of now. Moments of disappointments and frustrations continue but life has also offered some newer moments of happiness and joy… and as always I was so engrossed in dealing with mayhems that totally forgot to rejoice over few moments of happiness and glee. In fact one of them was long due, something which I so badly wanted at one point of time but then due to other priorities, the focus got lost on the way. And there was no option to re-look or adjust my priorities at that time, so I decided to let it go. But silently it comes one day when I was least expecting it...made me happy and my near ones very-very happy. Though the happiness was not same for me as it would have been at that time when I wanted to get it. Why? It isn’t that the importance of ‘that moment’ has been reduced, neither has its significance to me or others in my life. I think it’s just that most of the times we are busy on focusing at other moments and ignore the positive ones which come silently & stand at our doors. Or maybe the world has become so loud and noisy these days with enough of announcements projected as big that at times you fail to listen to your own ones and forget to acknowledge or appreciate even the ones which might be genuinely big to you.

Was speaking to an old uncle who is sort of close to me, is highly learned and has a very matured outlook towards life. He asked me on why didn’t I update him earlier about some of the positive happenings in life and I replied – “just generally, ab ismein kya batana”. And here is what he had to say - No moment of happiness is a small moment. When you can grieve for bigger losses in life, learn to acknowledge and celebrate your own bigger moments of happiness as well. Enjoy what you have right now as nobody more than you now knows that what is there today may not be there tomorrow.

Not that he said anything new or not known to me, but at times you need an external force to remind you of such things at the right time. And I get reminded of one of my favorite songs yet again :) –
छन के आयी तो क्या चांदनी तो मिली,
चंद दिन ही सही ये कली तो खिली,
शुक्रिया ज़िन्दगी, शुक्रिया ज़िन्दगी
तेरी मेहेरबानियाँ, तेरी मेहेरबानियाँ

I just LOVE this song and oh yes, thank you life for some nice moments too :)


Renu said...

Sharing and celebrating happy moments is akin to spreading happiness...more we celebrate, more god gives us reasons to do so.

Renu said...

sharing and celebrating happy moments is akin to spreading happiness and more we celebrate, more occasions are given to us by God to do so.

Smita said...

Seriously! In our thrive to achieve bigger things we ignore the small small things which give us a reason to smile!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post!

Jack said...


I am happy that you had your moments of joy. But I would like that you share it and I will be double happy if what I have interpreted is correct. If not here, you have my mail id. May God be with you always.

Take care

Abhishek said...

I came to your blog after long. And what a nice post it was. Yes we have to celebrate every moment of happiness, big or small.

But aisa kya hua, which made you happy and everyone very-very happy :)

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