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Woh bachpan ki dosti...

WTH, again I’m absconding from my blog despite the fact that I have so many things to share. Damn the work and health and hundreds of other engagements which are keeping me away from things which I love to do the most :(. Nevertheless today I’m back as too excited with a recent incident and I think I must pen it down :).

I got a call from my office receptionist that a woman named S called and has left her number for me. The name immediately rang a bell but then I reminded myself that it can’t be “that” S which I was thinking about. After all it’s been decades that we lost touch with each other. Maybe she is some client or other business associate with a similar name. So, with this in mind I dialed up the number keeping my tone the formal business like but wow, whoa, whatey surprise it was! I just could not believe it was same S… same old kindergarten school friend! Yes, it was her only. We cross checked and re-verified with few questions about our school days and lo behold it was confirmed! Now the most important question, how did she manage to find me and that too on my office landline number? And when I heard of her efforts, I was totally dumbstruck. I mean I bow down to her efforts of finding such a long lost childhood friend. So, this is what she had to say:

Whenever she thought of the word friend, she remembered me. Though our lives moved on after our primary schools, we moved to different schools and then different cities but she kept on looking for me. As was the case in those non-internet & non-mobile phones era, there was no simpler way to find out the whereabouts of each other. Though we used to hear about each other through friends and occasionally communicated through postal letters too but then even that got lost esp. because of me moving to different cities for further education and then later job. She got married and is now settled in Delhi in her family life. Slowly she began using internet and she said the first name which she searched on Google or Facebook was mine. She found me on FB, but couldn’t send me message due to some privacy settings. Later landed on my publicly available email id through my blog, sent there a mail which I never got as it went in spam. Googled more and found my professional whereabouts, landed on my company website, found the corporate landline number of my company and dialed there asking for me and yes she got me!”

She was indeed a very-very close friend of mine, in fact best friend of those chaddi-buddy days :) spent in that small town which perhaps is one of the remotest corners of the country but is one of the most special places for me mainly because of the lovely people & beautiful childhood memories associated with them. Though with time things changed and I moved cities, developed my own circle in newer schools-colleges and newer cities. And then life changed forever when I started working in metros, got married and like many other of my generation started juggling between professional and personal life.

I will be honest that I remembered her always but yes never ever took the kind of effort which she took to find me. I can’t tell you how special it feels when you realize that even in this jet age where relationship changes within minutes, someone out there still remembers you and has been trying to look for you for years and years. I could not thank her enough for connecting back to me and told her that I will call her back as soon as I reach home. Next moment I shared this news with two people - my husband & my closest friend. Husband being a man was amused on how gals can remember things for so long and closest friend being a girl could totally relate to my excitement of finding another long lost childhood friend.

Same night I called her back and chatted for hours, it never seemed like as if we were talking to each other after so many years, rather a decade or two :). Conversation was flowing naturally from one topic to another, from remembering our very early school days to the days after our paths separated. Husband was lying next to me listening to my conversation. As soon as I kept the phone he asked “is it the same friend whom you found today morning, you spoke to this bachpan ki friend after years and still managed to talk for so long, never looked like you both were out of touch; my god only girls can do this”. I replied with a smile and said, “its not girls rather its childhood friends who can do this; no matter where you left you can always restart it at any point of time, such is the innocence and honesty of a childhood relationship”.

Ain’t it true???


Scribby said...

yes it's not being 'girls' it's about being friends at heart :)

I'm glad you found your bichdi huyi dost :)

Sumana said...

Sure definitely and the happiness that comes out of this talk endless. Feels so relieved at any point of time.

Renu said...

finding old friends is such a pure joy, i know that its only childhood friendship which lasts forever.

Abhishek said...

Envy. To you, for having such friends.
Respect. To your friend, for putting such efforts!

Jack said...


Nice to see you after a break. How are you keeping now? Do take care of health first and rest later. Now you can well understand the meaning of old songs - " BACHAPAN KE DIN BHI KYA DIN THE" OR " BHCHAPAN KE DIN BHOOLA NAA DENA".

Take care

PS : Hope to see you in my space.

Arpita said...


Kanupriya said...

@Scribby: Haan the joyous feeling is absolutely overwhelming :)

@Sumana: Ya just so true and thanks for dropping by my space

@Renu: True, no those days and those relationships are the best in life!

Kanupriya said...

@Abhishek: Hee hee :) and yes as I said I can't thank my friend enough for her efforts, feel blessed to have such friends in life. Touchwood for that :)

@Jack: Yes uncle, absolutely can relate to such songs. Will drop in to your space soon.

@Arpita: :) :)

Raam Pyari said...

am glad you found a long lost friend :)

a very warm post

Raam Pyari said...

am glad you found a long lost friend :)

a very warm post

Anonymous said...

aww, this is such warm post. and yes i agree, nothing like childhood friendships and memories.
kudos to her to have gone through the effort to locate you!

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