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My Guest Post on "India Inspired Designs"

Hello people, what's up? Hope you all had a good weekend. This week offered its own excitement and challenges to me. Excitement as little one is six month old now, that means we also started with some solids apart from milk and challenging as never ever I imagined that introducing new food to baby was going to be this tough a task! I mean really I don't have words to describe the effort and patience required for this. 

A detailed post will surely come up on this :-), for now please check out my new guest post titled "Indian Inspired Designs" on Curating Fashion blog. Curating Fashion is an online journal for the Design Museum London website. For more information, you can check out their blog here.

Bbye for now, will be back with my next post soon.


Jack said...


Navigated to given link and read the post. What beautiful designs!

Take care

PS : Looking forward to hear about little one more.

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