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MoMusings: 1

Remember the mayhem that happened when your baby fell sick for the first time? Yes, yes exactly that! So, it was quite a chaos at our place for last few days. Thankfully nothing to be worried about, just the general cold and fever but then I’m using this term “just the general” only when he is fine now. Ask us until few days back and it definitely seemed to be a big, like really BIG deal! 

And surprisingly more than me, it was the daddy dearest who was hyper concerned for junior. I have never seen him like this before; the man who always sounded super cool about any cuts, fever, cold etc was day in, day out fussing over the baby with such a worried expression that he had to be reminded that it was just a regular flu and nothing else. Like all human beings, even our little one would fall sick and there had to be a first time for it! Phew, speak of the changes in men once they become daddy! OK, I’m unnecessarily trying to act cool, frankly speaking even I was anxious like hell and kept on wondering what to do to calm him down. First two nights I just couldn’t sleep even for a moment and kept on looking at the restless little one beside me. It was so miserable to see our cheerful, super active darling lying dull and crying inconsolably. Don’t remember when was the last time I would have been so worried for something as minor as cold, but then I guess that’s what parenthood does to you. This also made me think about the number of sleepless nights my mom would have spent while raising up three of us. You know we all hear it so many times that we understand our parents better when we ourselves become parents, trust me this statement is cent per cent true and you need to experience it to understand what I mean by this. You indeed get a whole new perspective towards yours and spouse’s parents altogether once you enter this phase of life. Ain’t it? 

Ok enough of Mommy Musings rather MoMusings for now, shall be back with another post pretty soon. I have come to know of this kiddie book publisher who have got some real cool kids’ content. They definitely deserve a mention and review on my blog and I’m so looking forward to finish their series soon.


Jack said...


It happens with everyone of us when child falls sick. Keep in touch with a good paediatrician. You took me back to our time. And right you are, some feelings can be understood only when you experience those.

Take care

pon said...


Scribby said...

Oh tell me about it!

Welcome,yet again,to the parenthood fun of #ohweareotherwisesocoolbutcanpanicanytimewhenitcomestoourbaby :)

looking forward to your post on children's books...

Love to the junior..I've to call you!

Renu said...

Its a fact of lie..I keep telling everyone that we shouldnt worry but see me when MY grandchild has even little cough , I am sick with worry:)

Sumana said...

No wonder Kanupriya, it just feels bad when the little one suffers, does not get enough sleep. My little girl had eczema and sometimes she would scratch herself till she bled. Me and Hubby had the humidifier, AC/heater and mosituriser applied on her every time she felt itchy. I can just close my eyes and remember that situation. Once they grow up, my son all of 5 tries to show me a even a little scratch that he woul dhave got on his leg and demandsa bandaid.

Mom of A and a said...

Hi, I'm a new reader. Glad your child is better now. Glad your husband and you worked together as a team so that he was comfortable during that time!

Looking forward to your next post! Do visit my blog when you have the time!

pon said...

The contents are really good…

Abhishek Asthana said...

You are scaring the hell out of me!

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