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India Unlimited: Book Review

I think I have read a short story collection after really long and that too thankfully turned out to be good, something that I enjoyed throughout. India Unlimited – as the book cover rightly says is a collection of short stories from a nation that’s caught between hype & hope. Authored by Kulpreet Yadav, this book has 31 short stories set against the backdrop of evolving India.

Enthralling, Engrossing & Enjoyable - my 3 word reaction for this book would be these! Even though I’m not very much of a short story person but still managed to finish the whole book over a weekend. Interest in one story led to another and so on. Things that I loved about this book:
  • Intense emotions presented in such a simple language.
  • Poignant plots, some of the stories never looked like initially could be concluded in a short story, but they did and that too beautifully.
  • Variety of themes, I mean this book actually presents gamut of varied emotions in 191 pages.
It’s difficult to decide whether I liked Billu’s story in A Familiar Stranger more or Ram’s emotion from The City of Mirrors but amongst all if I have to go for one, I think I would pick the first story of Not the only Peanut Seller Who Hasn’t Heard of Osama Bin Laden – it’s nice and simple and emotional or The Beautiful People which is again simple yet very hard-hitting. Did I not like anything about this book? Nothing very strongly but yes, definitely found 2-3 stories to be quite vague.

Overall, a book that I enjoyed and surely recommend as a quick read for your weekend. Even if you are not much into short stories but enjoy reading stories about human emotions, then you’re definitely going to enjoy it. Do give it a try.

You can read more about the author Kulpreet Yadav at his website and this book is available for INR 159.00 (as on today) at Amazon.

*This post is based on review copy sent by the author. Opinions expresses in this post about the book are solely mine.


Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Hope you are fully fit now and running after naughty NI. Thanks for this book review. Let me see if it is available in our library, otherwise I will suggest them to buy it. I think on your review I read full Meluha series. I have also recently read some engrossing books by Anuja Chauhan, Jabeen Akhtar and Swati. I am looking for new authors as I have read most of the books of my favourite authors.

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