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Maa, why don’t festivals seem to be festivals without all of you? Dusshera has come, but not even a single day of Navratri looked like an occasion of Puja. Something is missing Maa……, something which I can’t explain. Not that people aren’t celebrating here, but all I can see here is glamorous Dandiya or Garba nights wherein some DJ is playing music & people are dancing. We do go out for festive feasts outside but nowhere I can find the same satisfaction which we used to have when you used to make those festival special dishes for us. Even the simple kheer made by you was better than these exotic festival special sweet dishes served by grand restaurants. Yes, we have taken new clothes but I haven’t found the same excitement at all which we used to have as kids for getting new clothes especially on festivals. You know why have we bought these dresses especially? Its because all these Garba & Dandiya nights have got dress codes wherein you are supposed to wear only such types of clothes. You know what, here people don’t gather themselves in the evenings to have fun & enjoy the Navratri, rather everyone is supposed to pay money to go to these Dandiya & Garba nights.
Maa, Diwali is also going to come soon. I know you must be busy arranging for whitewashing of our house as you still believe that Goddess Laxmi should come in clean & new house. I still remember those days when you used to make us clean our rooms during Diwali vacations. Not that we aren’t going to celebrate Diwali, but not by decorating our house & worshipping Ganesh & Laxmi, rather by enjoying the vacation at some CHILLING place. Yes, instead of welcoming Ganesh & Laxmi at their houses, people lock their houses here & go out for vacations as this is the only time when you get a leave of 3 to 4 days from office. With the attractive tour packages offered by travel agents & Diwali special nights arranged by hotels, its an ideal time for people to go out on holidays.
I still get nostalgic when I remember those home made sweets which you used to make for us, those crackers which we used to play in the colony & those gharondas which I used to make with Bhai & the excitement with which we used to decorate the same. I wonder if ever my kids will experience such sweet things & more than that, will they like such things at all???
Sometimes, I really wonder on the extent of commercialization of our traditional festivals. I really wonder if these kids who are enjoying these Dandiya nights ever know the reason of celebrating Navratri & Dusshera? What does Vijaya Dashmi mean? Do they know the reason of celebrating Diwali? Do they understand the meaning of customs like making Gharondas or welcoming Ganesh-Laxmi? Are these festivals just meant for those glamorous dance nights & lavish holidays at alluring locations?
Really miss, the festivals celebrated with all of you Maa…………


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