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Working hard is a passe.......

"Hey, it was really good. I just convinced everybody. I am so happy, finally I got promoted." I coolly said – "Wow!!! You deserved it dear. When are you giving us treat?" These were my only words, which I could manage to tell her with my heavy heart. "DESERVE IT, my foot. PROMOTION!!! Oh nooo, really, how can an idiot like you be promoted"………these were some of the honest comments which I really wanted to tell her, but I didn’t, as in this corporate culture, I have learnt one very important thing i.e., to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.

But way back my home, I was really feeling very sad. I was wondering how come she got promoted!!! How come she manages to get so much accreditation? Why does she get so much recognized even for her smallest of activities & why don’t I get noticed for all the thousands & thousands of work which I have done without opening my mouth. Not that I am not appreciated by my superiors & peers, well I am appraised for my work & my talent but not in the same way as she is. Be it qualification, sincerity, hardwork, confidence, or taking initiatives, I don’t think I lack anywhere as compared to her. Even my boss appreciates my initiatives & intelligence, then what is it which makes her so popular? How does she manage to convince everybody that she is the busiest person around? Any new complicated work being given to her & she will very sweetly announce that she can’t take any new assignment as she is working on some very important project. Resultantly, it’s the donkeys like me who will end up doing extra & extra work on her behalf. Well, we very well know her important projects…….all those net surfing, phone gossip & back biting of other colleagues. But one thing she definitely makes sure to do whenever she does any work & that is MAKE NOISE of her own work. She makes sure that whenever she is doing something, whole office should know that she is doing something very complicated, exciting & new. She will make sure to create an impression that noone has ever done this work in the same way as she has done & hers is the best & most systematic approach towards work. Best thing is that she generally takes help from me/others, understands so many things from us, copies so many formats from us but presents it with some cosmetic changes to the superiors with full confidence as her own new ideas & initiatives. Superiors also get impressed by her initiatives without even realizing that it is a copied work as neither me nor others like me would have done tom-tom about our work. The next best thing about her is that she very strongly believes in networking & relationship management with superiors.

Initially I never used to pay attention to her loud character. I always used to believe in the saying-"Modesty is the best virtue". I always used to convince myself that I should keep doing my work with full sincerity & devotion and one day people will realize my potential. I always used to believe that talent & sincerity pay in the long run and mere relationship building (in my language, unnecessary networking or rather shoe licking) with superiors will lead to nowhere. I used to strongly believe in the traditional equation of success which is, SUCCESS = INTELLIGENCE + SINCERITY + DEDICATION + HARDWORK. But I think my belief is wrong. Gone are the days of sincerity, hardwork, dedication & intelligence. Well it is of no use to be intelligent if you can’t impress your intelligence upon others & its very easy to impress this now-a-days….Just make sure that whatever you are speaking, even if its full crap & rubbish, it should come out from your mouth with full confidence (rather over-confidence) & loud voice. Its absolutely useless to be sincere & dedicated to work, what matters most is how best you can make sure that people know your sincerity & busy schedule during work. Working hard is a passe these days, the in thing is "working smart". Now, one might wonder as to how to work smartly? Well, very simple…..make others work hard on your behalf & get the job completed by them and show it smartly as your own work to the world………Cool na??? I think the equation of success has changed now. The new equation is, SUCCESS = LOUD CHARACTER + NETWORKING (rather ASSLICKING) + OVER CONFIDENCE + SMARTWORK. Isn’t it??? Atleast I am observing this new equation in my office......


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