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IPL is back with yet another marketing gimmick

Last year we did see the birth and rise of one of the greatest marketing phenomenon in sports marketing in India, yes of course I am referring to IPL’2008. More than cricket, it was this whole business and marketing angle to it which made it so popular. Cricket combined with entertainment and that too Bollywood, what more do you need to create pull in Indian market? After all cricket and Bollywood are like two religions in India. Read More At Marketing Chit-Chat...


niceguy251 said...


IPL really made it BIG. Money and all the hoopla. And now a reality show to choose Cheerleaders. Where will it end? Or rather WHAT NEXT?

Take care

Anonymous said...

A new change but may be wont last long. Cricket do not require bollywood skiils.

pisku said...

IPL.. well the franchises are not in good shape. The format is a clear win though!

Kanupriya said...

@ NG: yeah, lets see what next!

@ Hobo: Agree it does not require bollywood skills but a combination of these two is something which is preferred by mass.

@ IPL: Agree :-)

Toonfactory said...

Hey great blog...thoughtful posts...not interested in cricket at all so don't even follow IPL or the ho-hulla :)
Liked ur review for CC2C...

Kanupriya said...

@ Toon: Thanks, good to know u liked it and thanks for dropping by!

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