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Updates from Marketing Chit-Chat: 23rd Mar – 30th Mar’09

Posted these 3 posts on my Marketing Chit-Chat blog last week, would love to see you there...

  • Engagement is the key - It’s not about listening, it’s not about monitoring, it’s about ENGAGING. Read More…

  • Jai Ho Vs. Bhay Ho: While Congress was quick enough to take rights & create a video out of much acclaimed song “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire but quicker was the counter strategy from BJP to come out with another video based on the same song. Read More…

  • Indian Politicians on Twitter Now: How much can marketing help them when the core product itself is not good? Would be good to know it from the readers of this post – do you really believe in current communications sent out by any of these parties? Read More…


Iya said...

Hey, I read the post on wordpress but couldn’t post the comment there so writing my thoughts here:

I feel that all these political parties have now got various new mediums to spread their empty promises. Initially it was only through public rallies. But now they have various means to spread their words. And they are not shying from using the most innovative mediums as well.

But the fact of matter remains that communication and implementation are 2 different things!!!

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