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Yet another 5th Feb!

Yet another 5th Feb, yet another reminder of 5th Feb 2009. 2 years…730 days without Kishu! Life goes on but can never be same, yes it does move on but with a brutal pain. Today also when I look at his photo it feels like he will speak any moment and laugh his loud laugh again…but alas certain wishes just remain wishes forever and certain realities are too illusive to accept. Earlier it was painful to remember him but now I do it purposefully as memories of Kishu are the only things left with us and I just don't want to fade it ever. Wherever he is, I just hope he is fine and happy in a new life… can’t even say we miss him as till now we have not forgotten him even for a moment to miss him...


Dil se said...

Kanu: I know that this pain is something that you have never got over with. And it's true life is never the same without the ones we love the most. I hope his memories keep you strong and going.

Deepika said...

Whats past is past. I won't sympathize cause you are far more mature for it. I would just say cherish good memories for they won't change with time :)

Smita said...

All I will say is be strong :)

Raam Pyari said...


Neena S said...

First time on your blog dear. All I can say is, be strong. :)

Jack said...


Does God leave any choice? We have to live with fond memories.

Take care

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