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Happy Festivities!

So, hows everyone doing? Hope the festive season is going great and you all had a sparkling Diwali. Diwali was good for me too with beautiful lights, colorful flowers, yum food and sans crackers. Yes, for some strange reason this time I didn't burn even one single cracker. Not that I'm fond of noisy bombs but i always loved those bright fireworks like flowerpots or fire-wheels, though this year I was not attracted to even those. Not sure of the reason - maybe health or maybe mood or maybe the general repulsion towards noise pollution. But like always, I did decorate my home with beautiful diyas and flower arrangements. Decorating my home esp. for festivals is something which I really-really enjoy doing ever since my childhood and after marriage it has an added charm as husband dear eagerly waits for me to dress up our home with my hand made art pieces and as per my design preferences. So, this year it was no different as far as this part is concerned, by evening I was damn tired but loved every bit of adding festive charm to our house. Maybe I will do a photo post on it sometime soon :).

Till my next post, here's wishing you all a very bright & jovial festive season! Celebrate these moments of life and make such occasions special for you and your loved ones. May God bless you all with lotsa happiness, peace and prosperity!

I shall be back soon with reviews of my recent reads. I actually managed to read some really good books recently, so next post has to be on books :).


Renu said...

waiting for your reviews:)

Scribby said...

Oh ditto..decorating home for festival is some pleasure which is heartfelt :)

I'm dying to read the reviews madame :) hurry up,will you ;)

Jack said...


We had good Diwali and I did not go for crackers. How are you keeping?

Take care

PS : No visits?

converse double upper shoe said...

We hold a contest in our apartment.Everyone has to decorate a room in Rs 5000.Believe me ,i saw some of most innovative things.If you place a human mind under stress,it starts to work wonders.

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