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Of Ms Pandey & Ms Banerjee

Thought to be on twitter for sometime and get updated with whats and hows of today but duh, whatay timeline. Full of negativity & cynicism! In fact every second tweet right now is about IPL5 & KKR tamasha. Now before I proceed further, let me tell you clearly that neither I’m IPL crazy nor SRK fanatic (oh yes, like most gals of my age group even I was crazy for him during my teenage days but then maturity prevailed; sigh, gone are those days of being lost into mush movies of Rahuls & Rajs). To be honest, I didn’t watch even one single IPL match this year; twitter micro updates on wins and losses were enough to bear. But this frenzy after the KKR win is now getting too much to handle. And surprisingly none of the hungama is actually on the final match or the players or the captain, it’s on… well let’s have a look at some of these:
  • Not the win of the team but the apology of Mr. Khan.
  • Not the genuine excitement of many others but the not so excited ‘I’m excited’ statement of Ms Khan – man, people had some real fun stuffs on this one.
  • Ms Banerjee and her hyper exhilaration and her celebrations and her gifts and her … well, lets leave it at this!
  • Match fixing sagas which till evening of the finals were being predicted for CSK but immediately after the win, got very conveniently pushed to KKR.
And not to forget:
  • Ms Pandey! For past three days,  a certain Ms Pandey has been sitting tight on the trending topics list. Not only that, on the night of win it was not Gautam Gambhir but this Ms Pandey (I refuse to write her full name and add yet another page to her credit in searches) who was actually trending worldwide. For what – for her ‘dare to bare’ act, the correlation of which with cricket only a brain of hers can rationalize!
Lessons learnt– Ms Pandey needs to be officially included as case study in all marketing courses; gawddd she indeed knows the art of publicity! And when it comes to appreciation, we the human beings are masters of cynicism. You do whatever, there is always a larger set ready to criticize you and your acts. Com’on for once speak about the game or the players but nope, how could we? Aren’t we just too busy with Ms Pandeys and Ms Banerjees to focus on anything else?


Renu said...

you are so right..IPL is not about cricket, its about glamour, bollywood, fights and fixing and girls like pandey, need not to be mentioned even...sick mind.

Smita said...

Madam IPL is not about cricket, it is as Vidya Balan wud say, "Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment" :D

Jack said...


What game? Don't you realize that it is a bigger game to criticize or comment on topics which generate more of the same to become even bigger game?

Take care

Ash said...

IPL is such a waste... of time and resources! Where cricket fits in, I'm still wondering? Hmm :/

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