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Wordless Wednesday

Oh yes I'm back to cooking, something which I really-really enjoy doing :-). Cooking was one of those few activities that I really missed during pregnancy, oh god I just couldn't stand the smell of many food items then. Speak of pregnancy food aversion syndrome and my brutally shattered dream of 'hogging-on-chocolates-till-I-die' :-(.

But even though I'm back, it's mainly low calorie or baked/grilled stuff on my cooking menu these days (sigh the post pregnancy weight :-( ). This wordless wednesday consists of snapshots of food out of my oven last week. Ok, I know Nutella Swiss Roll does not qualify to be low calorie from any angle but if I just took half a bite then it would be, right? Gawd, I can't believe my sincerity! I baked something with Nutella and still took just a bite, good gal I'm, ain't it :-)?


Shilpa Garg said...

All the 4 dishes look super yummy and looks like being made by a chef! Awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Yum yum yum!!!

Smita said...

They all look soooo yummy!

Jack said...


I would love to taste the first three , though all look so delicious, as I stopped taking non - veg except fish almost 20 years ago. I admire your will power of just taking one bite of what you must have been attracted to.

Take care

Sneo said...

wow, looks so yummy :) I am trying the swiss roll ...

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