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Hello: Movie Review

Last weekend was a working weekend and hence quite tiresome. Sunday evening we thought of unwinding by watching any movie and since not much choice was available, we decided to go for “HELLO”. I had read the novel “One Night At Call Center” by Chetan Bhagat and so there was definitely this curiosity to watch the cinematic avtaar of the book despite all the bad reviews and critical comments about the movie all across the media.

Well to start with, I think critics have been too critical of this movie unnecessarily; it’s not that bad and I found it to be an average watchable, at least better than some of the real disasters which I watched recently like “Bachna Ae Haseeno” or “Ugly Aur Pagli”. Let me tell you one very important thing about this movie – in case you are like me who just can’t stand the sight of Salman Khan even for few minutes and have avoided this movie as all promos of the movie were full of “Bang Bang” song and other garish dance movements of Mr. Khan then I have a happy news for you…this movie is hardly having Salman anywhere. Salman and Katrina play the role of preface part of the book i.e., Salman the part of Chetan Bhagat and Katrina the part of that mysterious girl whom Chetan meets in a train, only difference being that instead of train the whole plot is shifted to a helipad waiting area. The story is of 6 call center employees - their professional struggles in life, their personal relationships, their frustration and that one call from God which changes their life forever. Yes, a call from God! Won’t write the story in detail in the interest of those who want to watch this movie but overall it’s an exact adaption of the book. In fact while I was reading that book, then only I had found the story to be bit bollywoodish. Overall the movie was not that terrible but yes, the movie definitely went weak in two important areas – 1. Star Cast, 2. Climax. Not that one needs big names to make a movie hit but the very fact that all actors had given a very mediocre performance including Gul makes the overall impact quite weak. Infact I like Gul a lot and after watching movies like Dor and Manorama six feet under, one definitely expects a lot more from an actor of Gul’s caliber. And as far as climax is concerned, I think the movie really went wrong in that. I was definitely prepared for an unrealistic presence of God as I had read the book but somehow the way it was shown was not that impressive. I think they showed it too fast without much emotion or depth! It fails to cast that impact of some life-changing moment. Music of the film was not of my taste though I think the songs are doing good in the market. On the whole I would say it’s a one-time watchable movie if you are not looking for some very quality stuff or some movie with depth.

Though I must say one thing, I don’t agree with all the media bashing of Chetan Bhagat, infact I really appreciated the effort of Chetan Bhagat after watching this movie. I think he has done his job well atleast as far as the dialogue part is concerned. Also considering this was his first effort in Bollywood, I think he did an ok job. At least the man is having the guts to try out different things and the effort is not as awful as it is being criticized in media esp. when this year we have enough examples of duds coming out from some of the biggest names of the industry. From my side it’s a thumbs up for Chetan Bhagat’s effort and an average rating of 2.5 in 5 for the movie with a hope that Chetan will come out with a better book (I had loved Five Point Someone, hope he writes something as interesting as that again) and maybe a better movie next time.


Hello said...

Hi There! We are glad to know that you liked the film. Thanks for putting it up.

Nautankey said...

Havent yet watched this movie.Frankly amn't a great fan of Chetan's books,though I did like 'one night@' as it took me back to my days of working in call centre.It does add on to the sterotyped perception of call centre employees like drugs,casual sex etc,.accepted some % r like that but offlate call centre has been branded as a place bereft of normal kind of ppl as employees.

have u read the '3 big mistakes' was more of a bollywood script turned into a book :).will try to catch hello this weekend and thansk for enlighteinign abt salman's screentime was dreading that.

Rhett said...

I didn't like the movie so much. Anyway, nice write!

•♥Sindhu :)♥• said...

Ah! Nice write up!

The book was ok - not bad, not very great types. Have been kind of skeptical about how the movie was made.

But I read somewhere else that Gul & Sharman are the only ones who saved the movie... is that true?

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

@Hello: Welcome :-)

@Nautankey: Yea 3 mistakes was total filmy :D. Did you watch Hello?

@ Rhett: Thanks!

@ Sindhu: Hey late in replying but year Gul and Sharman are the only sane ones. What better can you expect from Sohail Khan and Isha Kopikar!

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